Eros Denied ( W Young ) & The Red Queen ( M Ridley )

4 April 2015
Critiques & compares books on sex in society, love, prostitution, mating choices, morality and guilt.

Eros denied. Sex in Western society by Young (1964) is a book about the sexual mores of the West as compared to other societies and cultures. The author states that the subject of sex continues to have a sense of confusion and fear; he states that throughout the West, most spend their entire lives in this hesitant state regarding sex and love. Reasons for this state of mind may be due to human nature as well as societal mores stemming from the structure of Christian and post-Christian attitudes. Sex is excluded from the realm of normal.
Sex is excluded even in the form of certain words; as with English, the French, Italian and German have words which are taboo in conversation and literature. The author views this..

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