7 July 2019

Referred to as one of America’s most beloved commercial rock/pop bands, Journey produced their seventh studio album, winning numerous awards for not only the album as a whole, but for half of the album making it onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Released in 1981, the album Escape by Journey has become one of the most popular albums ever to be released by a rock/pop band. With ten songs filled with passion created by the amazingly ranged voice of Steve Perry, Escape was an instant hit. Journey was in a bit of disarray just a few years earlier, with band members coming and leaving. Lead singer Steve Perry was brought to Journey in 1977 with Steve Smith, drummer, coming in 1978 and keyboardist Gregg Rolie joining just one year before the album was released. It’s quite a shock to know that Rolie joined so late, because of the major role that he has in almost every song in the album.

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Although it may be subtle, the keyboard sets the tone for every song, and combined with the unbelievable voice of Perry, it’s no surprise that people fell in love with this album.

Whether it’s the longing sadness in “Who’s Crying Now” or the hopeful notes in “Ask The Lonely”, this album gives listeners a large variety of different tones and sounds. There is music for almost every mood. The emotion that Journey’s work provokes is incredible, and is what makes people consider this 30 year old album one of the best of all time. Passionate anger, aching love, or hopefully upbeat, you cannot go wrong listening to Escape. Millions of copies have sold all over the world. Journey has toured numerous countries, and is still being played regularly every single day. Hits like “Don’t Stop Believing” are being played at events like my Aunt’s wedding, and “Faithfully” was just played at my high school dance. Escape is a timeless classic that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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