Bad Boss and How to Handle Them

1 January 2019

Jay-jay was always the difficult one, getting into all sorts of trouble. The slightest thing could upset him, sending him into a fit. His reactions were the funniest things about him. There was nothing he loved more than McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Every time we drove past he would ask, “Chicken nuggets?” When my mother or I responded with no, he would roll his eyes and let out a large sigh and make it known to us he was upset with our answer. Allia was the quiet trouble maker.

When all was silent in the house and she was nowhere to be found, you just know she was causing some sort of trouble. However, the both of them were just being toddlers and doing what toddlers do best, cause trouble.My family is a foster care family and having the task of caring for another child besides your own is a large responsibility.

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Bad Boss and How to Handle Them
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Foster kids come in and out of my house like people out of a revolving door. Adjusting to new foster kids every few months keeps my family on their toes. We have to learn the specific needs of each child and get them any sort of help they may need. Some kids have needed early intervention while others have needed medical attention with incidents such as asthma attacks.

We are responsible for these kids and need to give them the best care possible.Although my family does foster care together, my parents are often very busy with their jobs so I need to babysit the children quite often. The children we care for are usually toddlers and can get into a lot of mischief. I have to keep an eye on them at all times. Some of the kids have their own learning issues and trouble understanding when they do things wrong because they were neglected by their parents. It is our job to teach them right from wrong. Every kid has different ways of understanding, but because they all have come from broken households and neglect, it is very important for me not to lose my temper or yell at them.

I remain calm and teach them what they did wrong.Caring for the kids is a large responsibility and has taught me how to be conscientious for someone other than myself. Between the changing of diapers, feeding, napping, visits with their parents, and giving them the love and care they need, they take up a lot of time. Caring for another person besides myself, especially a young child I don’t know much about can be quite a challenge. Also, because they are not our kids and technically the state is responsible for them, we have to be extra cautious of everything the child does. This can add a lot of pressure and stress because not just anyone can babysit them. That’s why I need to make sure I am around in case my parents ever need to go to a meeting I can be there to take care of the child.

I have learned lessons from each foster kid that has come through my home. Jay-jay could always make me laugh with his exaggerated reactions to everything. Being the trouble maker he was, if I turned my back away for a second he would be in the other room doing something he shouldn’t be. Allia was the same way. Trouble was one thing these two knew what to do best. The memories of this experience and the lessons they taught made me into a more conscientious and responsible individual. I have carried this lesson of responsibility into my academics, social life, and athletic life.

I stay more concentrated on my academics life and the choices I make. This experience has given me a life lesson I will always take with me.

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