Essay About Music

3 March 2018

I wake up ring from a terrifying nightmare, looking around for my mommy. The light turns on. She comes up and sits on the bed, saying everything is okay. I tell her a monster was coming after me, in between my heavy breathing.

A light peaceful voice starts coming out of her mouth. ‘Rock a bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. ” My eyes slowly shout and I’m back to sleep again. We learn music in Elementary School. Don’t you remember learning your first song and singing it to all the parents? It’s a great learning tool for the searchers.Learning nursery rhymes, learning the alphabet, even simple songs to remind you of your multiplication tables. Music is used everywhere, not just on the radio or your pod.

Everyone listens to music in some way. Music is every. Inhere including in an elevator. As I step in to an elevator, sea of staring faces and in an enclosed space, my heart beats a little faster. The first thing heard is the music, with its relaxing and calms melody. We have something for our mind to focus on, and not all the people around you or to member that we’re claustrophobic.Music is everywhere we go, even in store.

What the purpose of this? Why that is easy, it’s to make the customer as comfortable as possible. When we are comfortable we’re in a good mood, ready and willing to spend our money. If you like it or not music is a huge part of our lives. The good balances the bad. Music leads to a healthy life. Music changes ones mood, or is used to help release a set of emotions. One would need to integrate music; whether playing it, listening to it, or using it.

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