Essay and Summary of the Bad Customer Service

1 January 2017

Dell is one of the 5 star rated PC companies that received a lot of compliment for its products and customer service. Among of them are Dave, who is one of the Dell customer support saying that he dealt in the past with the customer service for his laptop replacement that was actually perfect. Bapman007, the another viewer made his comment by told them that he never face any problem with service after he brought lots of PC’s from Dell for his business purpose and also helped them to sell quality products to their customer .

Most of them are satisfied with all the testimonial with all their PCs and printers and they will never thinking to try the another products. In addition, a lot of the customers decided to be regular Dell customer and praised with the fast delivery system and convenient return policy. Blessed, a user nicknamed wanted to have his Dell laptop battery exchanged by sharing his experience with others. Without charging any cost, they just change the battery within 24 hours.

Essay and Summary of the Bad Customer Service Essay Example

Besides that, the delivery orders in online is very fast and excellent by giving concession coupon to the customers to avoid a case such as delivering wrong products or late delivery that are very seldom. The customer service deals with such problem very well and make the customer to satisfy with the service referring to the customer review. Next, Scott a particular reviewer writes in his review that he made multiple purchases with Dell.

He was given a great response by the Dell customer service although he made his inquiry. His review says that there is no anything wrong with the computers during the customer service question and he felt relieved, friendly and helpful information and response for the service . One of the other Dell’s customer called Munnu states that the service and after sale technical support makes this printer brand is the best in the industry.

Apart from this, Constance Siekmann, the main customer , expresses his pleasure over being guided effectively through the installation process the Dell technical support in the computer. Free shipping cost is the most comment compliment by the customers and usually received praised by the Dell by always giving a good information to the customers about the current stage of the orders during the delivering process . Hence, if the orders are postponed, customers are informed beforehand. Futhermore , the items are delivered earlier than they are expected.

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