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4 April 2017

It is safe to say that a lot of the time, majority rules. In the town of Maycomb, from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird, Atticus Finch does not fit into the majority. Throughout the novel he is mocked and constantly challenged due to his strong morals. In fact, Atticus Finch’s morals are the complete opposite of the majority of Maycomb because Harper uses his character to raise the awareness of those around him. Atticus Finch represents many of the qualities of a good person in today’s society.

Unfortunately, he is unique in this way because the morals of many of the other characters do not match his own. Atticus is challenged by his sister, Alexandra when they discussed the need for Calperia in his home. “…. “ Bob Ewell and Atticus also have different standards. ” …“ During this conflict, Atticus was able to keep his cool and does not respond with violence. Atticus is respected as a lawyer and a responsible father but this respect is sometimes questioned.

Essay Atticus Finch Essay Example

Even though the court appointed him to represent Tom Robinson, people still did not like the idea that Atticus actually cared about Tom getting a fair trial. They called him a “N-lover” and some people were even teasing his children, Scout and Jem about it. “ “ Atticus always made sure Scout and Jem acted respectfully and open-minded to everyone regardless of their color. “.. ( 75) ” Not only is Atticus different, he is a great influence on many and leaves a lasting impression.

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