Important things

11 November 2018

In my life the most important things consist of God family and baseball. At the beginning of the school year things were going better than it had in a long time. Baseball was going great I was closeser to God than ive ever been and me and my family were doing great. Then I started workouts for baseball lifting running throwing hitting every day knowing that this season has to be my biggest and best season. The first day of our in season workouts was a cold day at weather of forty three degrees and foggy. We were doing bench press which I haven’t done in four years, because pitchers don’t do bench usually. We were maxing that day and I was up and my shoulder popped when I pushed the bar up, I began to worry but not get to concerned about it. After we were done with the lifting part of the day we went down to throw. My arm felt really different and kind of weird that day and I knew I shouldn’t be throwing too much but me being my stubborn self and trying to just throw through it.
I started getting to about ninety feet where it started to hurt more than feel weird so I started slowing it down in my throwing then we pushed it back to one hundred and twenty feet so I had to put more effort in to my throw and on the first throw it popped and a stabbing pain went into my arm that hurt so badly that I fell to the ground. This first day of practice in my biggest season of my young baseball career could have ended the rest of my career. This was one of the hardest struggles ive gone through in my young adult life. But I still had both of my parents speaking encouragement and wisdom into me. I went through a depression stage to where I didn’t want to talk to God I was mad at God for possibly taking one of my biggest loves away from me. But my parents and doctors told me everything seems okay it shouldn’t be hurting you anymore so I got all these test done and everything came back showing I had nothing wrong but my shoulder was still killing me. I thought this was Gods way of telling me to trust in him and that baseball is not the most important thing in my life. In those times of depression I started to think about my pain more then other things so I was getting in my head. Then one day I prayed that God would just show me why my shoulder was still hurting me and then I got a phone call from one of my role models my summer coach aggie. Aggie called me knowing about my shoulder and he told me that I need to stop thinking about it he told me Jordan your shoulder doesn’t hurt you are thinking it is hurting and I said no it is hurting to where I can not throw at all I promise it its hurting and he told me that I needed to pray and tell my self anytime I think I have any pain that I am okay and it is just me getting in my own head.

God told me the same thing and just said to trust in him. God and aggie and my parents were right I just needed to believe that our God can do anything if we trust in him and our selves. I was taught that even in my hardest times he is always there and going to surround me with people that love me and want to help me.

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