Down in the olden times in the 15th and the 16h century, Britain, Scottish, Wales and Ireland has its own country(individual) and Kingdoms. However that time Britain were often colonized by the Netherlands, France and other country in the eastern side of the European country. Afterwards Britain assumes that if they merge with other country nearby them (such as the Scottish and Wales, and Ireland) they can be a strong country and they can defeat those countries that colonize them.

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They then began creating a personal union between the Britain Kingdom and the Scottish Kingdom, to strengthen the country in order to compete with the other countries. By 1 May 1707, the Kingdom of Britain and the Kingdom of Scottish merge together in a political union and form the Great Britain which is then be approve by the British and Scottish Parliament. After Great Britain is formed, there comes the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, enormous changes happen to Great Britain. Their country become the strongest country, the farming system became better, they have advance manufactures, the empire expands and the areas widens, they have abundant supply of resources, and they also have many workers.

From my point of view about Why Britain wants to control ¼ countries in the world is because of the political reason. Basically it is because they want to take money, resources, from other countries to provide and expand their empire more. The bigger the areas they have, the more resources, slaves, and money needed to make sure they have everything they need to sufficient the areas.

Especially during the Industrial Revolution, they were introduce to machines, and they need raw materials such as coals to operate those machines. They also colonize most of the countries because they need a lot of slaves, because their country is expanding. And from there, they got so much advantage out of it. (it will be explain in the bottom). The most general motive behind most country colonizing each other is related to this three things: Gold, Glory and Gospel. During the time when Britain

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start to colonize other countries, the British Power were motivated by the 3G statement (Gold, Glory, and Gospel). It basically means that a country that is colonizing another country do it so because they want to gain and find many precious and expensive resources like gold, so that they can use it to gain more power for their countries and their empires, and also to spread the Christian religion.

Sunardi, pg.2
Industrial Revolution in Britain was associated with a lot of factors, such as the political factor, social factor, economical factor, and cultural factors. During the Industrial Revolution, several new machines were discovered which is then used by the slaves to help them work. James Watt was the first person who is successful in discovering a new machine called the steam engine.

Since this first discovery, many experts from different field discover more new objects. The Industrial Revolution have made a positive effect to Britain as well as other international countries overall. From the political point of view, Industrial Revolution has encouraged the birth of the modern imperialism which is pioneered by the British.

From the economic point of view, Industrial Revolution has made the British people life more prosperous and much more sufficient. From the social point of view, Industrial Revolution have made a great effect to the condition of the people there, through the urbanization. This urbanization will later be the one that affects the appearance of the high level crime, social inequality and the birth of a new society.

During the 17th to the 18th century, Slave trades were one of the things that made an enormous amount of money which the British could spend or invest it. Also through the slave triangle. The flow of the slave triangle is as following: The British load the ships with textiles, brass rods, copper, and other raw material made in Lanchasire, Birmingham, and Bristol and ship it to Africa. There in Africa, the goods were trade for slaves.

Than it goes to the Caribbean, those slaves were trade with sugar, spices, tobaccos, cotton, and rums which is then shipped back to Britain and sell it. From this slave trade, it benefits Britain a lot. The raw materials were vital for Britain’s industries to grow, some of the money gained, can be used to be invested in new invention and other industries in Britain, also it provides many jobs in Britain by creating a market abroad for the British goods.

From these research, I can conclude and assure that the main reason behind Britain’s controlling the world is because of its political reason. Because of the Industrial Revolution that happen to Britain, which makes a great impact and changes to Britain. This makes the British have to gain more resources, money, food, workers from other country, so they can have more power and enough supply for their country’s expansion. And the way to gain those resources from the other country is by colonizing them. This reason can also be associated with the 3G motive. The easiest way to understand it is this “the stronger the country, the more resources it needs, which means they have to colonize other country to take resources from them..”

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