Essay-Ms in Mis

6 June 2018

He has constantly been active in extra-curricular activities. He has performed very well in several competitions held in the university.He is also among the few people who have the caliber to organize competitive functions and events; both academic and cultural. He is one of the five Executive Members of the Arch Society of our university. He has played a very active and fruitful role in organizing highly innovative events which have been of very much help to his fellow students and the university collectively. BBC has also performed in areas like public-speaking oration etc.

He has presented various seminars in the university which have been very enriching for the students.His particular seminar on “Bluetooth Technology’ was particularly informative both for the students as well as the faculty members without a computer science background. BBC always strives to work in as diverse fields as possible. This is reflected in his involvement in fraternity, social work etc.

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He has always made his sincere contributions towards blood-donation camps, health awareness. He has also worked as a volunteer with some Non-Government Organizations in various camps organized by them. His efforts have been lauded by them o.

BBC underwent summer internship at Microsoft Redmond, Seattle. His work was highly praised by the personnel at Microsoft. He worked alongside the application development wing of this company to help them automate their activities. His hard-work has been duly appreciated by them. To materialize all his achievements into results would strongly recommend his acceptance at Graduate School for Graduate Studies. He very well deserves scholarships and other aids.

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