Essay of Application: Letter to Mr. Obama

11 November 2018

Dear Mr. Obama,

Mr. Obama, my name is Scott L. There are a number of reasons why I am the best candidate for your internship this summer. I know I can work for anyone. I started my own business at the age of 8. I think I can handle being a “go-fer” for awhile. I wouldn’t mind being a “go-fer” a bit, as long as I’m being your intern.

Your campaign has been long and rigorous so far, and you need an intern that can do the little things. There are a number of reasons why I would be your best choice. I have a lot of work experience already. I started my own mowing business when I was 8. I managed the finances and taking the calls, while my brother and I both did the work. This business helped me a lot. I’m the best choice because I don’t have to be told twice to do something. I’m a fast learner and I can do things without being told.

Your views on the issues are very similar to my own. This is the number one reason I want to work for you. I appreciate your promise that, if elected, you will end that Iraq war as quickly as plausible. I support the troops very much as do you, but the value of their lives’ are worth more than an oil war, so they need be returned home. I also believe that fighting global pollution is a great cause. Your energy and environment policies you plan to introduce if you are elected, I believe will be very effective. The chance to work for you and gain experience under you is an opportunity of a lifetime.

I believe that you and I have similar backgrounds and characteristics that match up well with one another. Both of us grew up in the Midwest, but you have knowledge of larger city growing up in Chicago, I grew up in a small town so I can bring that experience to the table. We both have a Midwest work ethic. Doing things before it’s asked and working on the job until it’s completely finished. I know I’m the right guy for you. I have been interested in politics my whole life. I don’t see any other occupation other than one in politics in my future. Getting picked for your internship would be an opportunity of a lifetime. I know I could appreciate that more than any other candidate. I know I will be a loyal and hard working intern.

Mr. Obama, thank you very much for your precious time. I hope you will see that I am the best candidate for this internship. I have the knowledge it takes to work for you, but I need your experience to further my knowledge. I hope you will consider my application and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You Very Much,

Scott L.

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