Essay on animal rights

7 July 2016

Animal, what is an animal, you can ask yourself this. My definition of an animal is someone who acts out without the intent to be rude or inappropriate in certain situation. So if you could say an animal like dog or cat is an animal what does that make you and me. I’m not saying I’m considering myself or others an animal but I’m saying we shouldn’t mistreat an animal based on its negative flaws they may have receive, but maybe enhance the positive in all of animals.

Maybe it will make you look around and see who should be one be called the ANIMAL. In the defense to the Human race we are the chosen to be the inferior race, like smarter and show moral and compassion for a human being. So based on what I’ve had said I believe what Tibor R Machan says in some instant like they shouldn’t have the right to own property and have the right to make their own choice in what we call society of norms.

Essay on animal rights Essay Example

I strongly believe, based on repercussions of how animals would view and acted in human life and also they couldn’t handle or function in such manner to live in human society. If this was so we would have to take an animals life everyday due to the point, they couldn’t handle it in are everyday society. If some Tibor Machan would be correct on why animals shouldn’t or wouldn’t have a valued life and the rights would be dimensioned.

To be a person who is to be high in favorable pole or a role model is someone who can follow a direction and never break one rule or never make a mistake if so we lose the rights to are freedom. So that basically says majority could fit up to the expectation they want us to be, wrong. Animal’s rights are consider or based on the level of how one animal is thought. If an animal is evil and disobeys it goes to a shelter to never to be seen again. Do you see the comparison, we as humans are based on the same level of an animal and this is hint we are not perfect.

So if I as a human mess up I should get a second chance and so for an animal but at reasonable circumstance should be allowed a second chance. So basically saying I believe we shouldn’t revoke another living creature rights but used them for a cause to make everything happy for us. Animals are great cause for all people in some cases, we have animals as pets, we use them as service animals and we used them for force and to protect a certain someone

or attack a certain someone, I could keep naming them but I’ll talk about three key things. Service animals are a big key essential to someone’s everyday life, we may relate but some may not. If you’re self-center person and have no remorse for the blind you could think that’s just a dumb animal and we should just get rid of him and based on its not smart and you should be able to see. If wasn’t for that dog ability to learn to that special skill, but also it has to grow a bond and show its compassion towards you.

Let’s say for example there’s a robbery and it your house and no one’s home but your dog, I say there a likely chance the dog would run a hide, buts let’s say your home and dog is in the house I would assume the dog would fight to the death to protect you. For the follow up, let’s talk about pets we all have them but some don’t, either you don’t have the time or money to support an animal or you just plain and simple on don’t like them. Opinion on how you feel, people likes pets because they like or love you and well always show you a little attention and some value it allot and some really don’t too much.

In my opinion, I’m not saying animals should have to same rights as a human being but shown and valued a little more and not taken for granted. They should have the ability to live in sections for animals to be free and not hunted. Even though we are smarter we should realize animals are incapable of speaking up for themselves, so we should be there help their needs. Animal come in all size and they all have their certain characteristics about them to prove they have emotions and show them.

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