Essay on emma

8 August 2016

?In any card game that is being played, every-one has a chance at success, or failure, depending on how they play the game. In the short story, ‘Emma’ written by Carolyn Cole, we are introduced to a scenario phrased by an innocent little girl who views the adult’s life as a game. We see the character Emma struggling to please both her daughter and husband and the character Mrs. Robinson who is a single mother and has her eyes set on a man with money. Mrs. Robinson is just a deceitful woman waiting for Emma to back down from the game so she can rightfully claim the ‘trophy’.

The characters Emma and Mrs. Robinson can both be similarly compared and contrasted based on their physical appearance, personality and life experience. First of all these women are contrasted based on their physical appearance. The character Emma is viewed as a beautiful woman with a tall, slim, body with black hair, “Emma’s black hair,” (page 52). On the other hand Mrs. Robinson is just an average looking woman with a short plump body, as Dory states “she wanted me to be her mama cause I’m short like her mama,” (page 52) and black hair, “Mrs.

Essay on emma Essay Example

Robinson’s red hair look pretty,” (page 52). Even though these women have distinct appearances they are similar in some way because both of them are females who are in their mid-20s. These women can now be contrasted on their personalities. Emma is a sweet and cheerful mother. She is seen as a ‘Goddess’ in the eyes of her daughter and her playmate that they even fight with each other to play her role in their games. Mrs. Robinson is not a loving mother.

She is not favored by the girls because neither of them wants to play as her role in their games as Dory complains, “I like to play grown up games but I don’t like when I have to be her mommy,” (page 52). Both of these women’s personality can be related to each other because both of them knew that they were playing the ‘game’ which was to keep the ‘player’. Emma and Mrs. Robinson had different life experiences and each of them dealt with it differently. Emma is a married woman who is in love with her husband and she tries her best to please him.

Contrary, Mrs. Robinson is a single mother who is not looking for love but rather for someone with ‘money’ who will delight her with material things. Emma and Mrs. Robinson’s life experience can now be similarly compared because both of them were caught up in the game of life, even though they played differently. After comparing and contrasting Emma and Mrs. Robinson, I think I prefer Emma because she is a very loving and caring mother who not only looks after herself but also for her loved ones as well.

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