Essay on math

5 May 2018

Each paper lasts one hour. The papers all develop National Curriculum areas which are relevant to the age of entry. Applicants for the Academic Scholarships will come to Botany to take the Scholarships Exams on a weekday in late January. Parents wishing their children to take these tests should indicate this on the Botany Entrance Test form. Botany will also invite candidates from the January Entrance Exams who show particular merit to sit the Academic Scholarship Exam the following week.Botany may also commend that existing students at the School, who do not currently have a scholarship, should sit the Academic Scholarship Exams.

Sixth Form Entry Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are assessed on the basis of predicted GEESE grades, an interview and references from the current school. As a guide, candidates would be expected to gain at least five Geese’s at grade A or A*. It is advisable to approach the School as soon as indications of predicted grades are available.

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Offers of Academic Scholarships to existing students are made on similar criteria.

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