Essay on the Life of a Student

5 May 2018

I never really grasped the concept and the depth of that meaning until tenth grade year in high school. Since I can remember my mother floated between President and Vice President of the p TTS from elementary all the way on up to high school. Members of the PATS decided to create a scholarship based on need and academic achievement but more important we wanted to make a difference and a Statement. As a voting member and a student I felt that it was incumbent upon me to inject my beliefs and ideas not the process.

What came to life was the Fords High School PATS Scholarship Fund. Yes, was then elected to be the honorary speaker that evening to introduce the start of the scholarship. For the first couple of years we awarded two scholarships in the amount of SSL 000. 00 for some very outstanding students. A year later in collaboration, with the Fords Alumnus, we went from a couple thousand to forty thousand in scholarships given to students who were accepted at our top universities in the State of Michigan.In the year after, we gave away fifteen thousand in scholarships which solidified the value of a decent education and the bringing together of a community. Since then, the Fords High School PATS has grown in numbers, from the parents on down to the students.

Essay on the Life of a Student Essay Example

More important than the recognition, and the money raised, it is the passion and potential that this organization has given the young men and women at Fords High. I really hope that I had an influence that would allow for someone to carry on the same acts.

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