Essay over American Imperialism and Ww1

10 October 2016

After this the United States still wanted to get better access to the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean for our Navy. With an increase in the population, wealth, and industrial production, the U. S rapidly needed more resources. Many Americans feared that their resources would run out and that the U. S. should be prepared to look somewhere else if resources became too low. The U. S. had finally became a leading economic power in the world. Therefore the U. S. was easily able to take part in foreign expansion in overseas territory.

A lot of farmers and manufacturers were looking to expand into foreign markets after America’s new found success. The “Open Door” policy was then created in about 1899 with China so the U. S. could have a chance to start new markets. The concept being that all nations would have equal commercial and industrial trade rights in China, but with none of them would be allowed control of that country. Because of the aggression that the United States took in gaining power over foreign territory and foreign markets, it lead to America being a leading world power.

Essay over American Imperialism and Ww1 Essay Example

Along with the plus of having one of the strongest militaries and political control AND influence over most nations. Imperialism was a good thing for America and America was successful at it. But unfortunately some countries could just not handle the pressure from other countries and from the voices of their own people as well. This was the start of WWI, everyone wanted to start their own empires, which led to fighting over territories. In 1914, when war was first declared in Europe, America adopted a policy of neutrality and isolation.

What led to this was when Austria attacked Serbia and then called Germany to help them. Germany invaded Serbia. Russia and Serbia were allies, so Russia protected Serbia. Panicked, Germany then invaded Belgium in order to gain access to France, funds, weapons, soldiers, oil and metals. England and Belgium were allies, so England went to France to attack the Germans in Belgium. Britain then called the countries in the British Empire to help them. America got dragged into when Germany started using unrestricted submarine warfare and the sinking of the “Lusitania”.

To make a long story short the U. S helped the Allies win WWI by the extra production of weapons and supplies we provided, our soldiers who contributed, the moral support, and ships and tactics. All that could not have been have provided if America had not decided to take part in imperialism to greater expand our resources as a country. After WW1 America was still a leading force in the World but had a greater target on its back. In conclusion, imperialism made America the successful nation it is today and we til this day are still a leading force in foreign affairs.

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