Essay Reaction Paper

10 October 2016

I’d really don’t know where to start this paper but I think it sounds cool to watch this movie so that students nurses like us would had an idea in the setting of palliative care. Everyone in this world died for some reasons and purposes. The movie tells us all about a little boy who has a cancer, which has a terminal illness. Care would be very specific to persons who are terminally ill. From the start of the movie I’d really don’t think that this would made me cried.

That moment I had to take a deep breath before speaking because you know I’m close to crying again. This story was based on a true story and this story was entertaining and it warmth my heart. I just can’t believe that a little sick boy change the lives of many people just asking them to write a letter to god who is the one who can help them to any circumstances in life. I believed in Allah or GOD they are the one who made us, mold us, love us and never left us. Being faithful is not a wrong choice but it is a wonderful decision you’d ever love.

Tyler’s life has a purpose in this world and it’s not just a waste of time. You can’t just blame Tyler’s mom for being so protective to her son because she is just a mom who really love her son and she don’t want her child would take a risk for his health. All the things she does to Tyler was for making him happy and to live just like a normal kid that can play whatever he want to. Death is not an easy thing to accept or taking it, it’s a matter of choice. Tyler’s mom can’t accept the fact that his son will say goodbye anytime.

Having a cancer is not just like a fever that you can just take some analgesic and boom! No fever. Cancer is different it may need palliative care to treat the symptoms and preventing it to become worsen. I’d really don’t know how it feel to care a patient that has a terminal illness. Just thinking of it that this people or patient will die soon it makes me cry. Hope, faith, and courage was the things going around in this movie. Tyler’s goal in life, was to encourage his family, friends, enemy, and peer to commit their lives to God. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

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