Then team B went ahead and chose team D Ethical and Legal Issues Paper. And the six units were split among team B members to figure out mistakes. In reviewing learning team D ethical and legal paper over all did a good job following the APA format however I noticed some discrepancy. In the title page there was no date. The paragraphs did not include paragraph headers which usually are placed in the center on top of the paragraph.

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In the reference page I noticed some references had months next to the year which I believe is not needed. The pages had the correct running header. The paper was formulated well with doubles spaces. They properly placed a space after a period at the end of the sentence and they were consistent. They correctly used the format for a citation that needed a page number. This paper did not have a formal introduction that previewed the topics to be discussed. It opened with a brief discussion of the first case study and proceeded to the second case study in the second paragraph.

In the first paragraph there is a reference to the Nursing Code of Ethics and the nurses’ responsibilities to the patient and her family to help them make an informed decision regarding her care. This same reference is used again in the second paragraph pertaining to the second case study but nothing follows to substantiate the advocacy of the nurse to the patient. The references at the end of the paper are cleanly done except Reference #2 which cites Blais & Hayes. The reference incorrectly lists Pearson as the city of publication. The correct city is Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Pearson/Prentice-Hall is the publisher.

In Reference #5 which cites an article by J. Lunn the volume number (3) is italicized which is incorrect. Per APA the title of the magazine should be italicized but the volume and edition numbers are not. The conclusion is brief and gives a very light general overview of some of the points made in the paper. Neither case

Page 2 Ethical and Legal Paper Essay

was brought up in the conclusion. The paper spoke about what malpractice is and how it is defined. The conclusion did not touch upon this and other subjects in the paper. A conclusion should be short but should also bring together the points that the body of the paper made and bring the reader to a close.

The body of the paper does not discuss very much the legal nursing issue and how the ANA would influence that decision. A very brief statement is given in the beginning of the paper about the nurse being an advocate to the patient. The Code of Ethics was not applied very well to the legal aspect of the paper. All of the other aspects of the grading rubric were discussed and completed. In all it was a good paper and team D did a wonderful job however, it is hard when compiling notes and words together to mark out errors, good job.

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