Ethics and Benefits of Human Cloning

4 April 2015
An argumentative paper on the ethics and benefits of human cloning.

This paper discusses the history, background and the complicated ethics regarding human cloning. The author looks at the science of cloning, pros and cons of cloning and argues that cloning is beneficial in the long run.
“There is no other topic in health care with more potential for controversy than human cloning. I decided to write my paper on human cloning for this very reason, it will be an even more controversial issue than abortion in the future for my generation. Indeed, cloning is a topic for the future but this future is much closer than many people would like to believe. Many have deep religious and ethical reasons for wanting a total ban on human cloning. However, there are also many people, including some scientists, who believe that the possible benefits of human cloning outweigh the risks by a huge margin. Cloning has become an issue within the past 4 years due to the realization that it is possible to clone a human being.”
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