Ethics code

5 May 2016

The Rules are designed to preserve the benefits available to all the  istributors under Amway Sales and Marketing Plan. Amway and its Distributors have a binding contractual relationship.

Ethics code Essay Example

The terms and conditions of this relationship are set forth in the Amway Distributor Application Form (SA-88-ID), Amway Business Starter Guide, which includes Amway Sales & Marketing Plan and Amway Rules of Conduct as updated by Amway from time-to-time. (Herein after referred to as the “Official Documents”) From time to time, the contents of these Official Documents may be amended by Amway.

Amway will, prior to making any amendment to the Official Documents, submit to the Distributor leadership for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation, proposed amendments other than those necessitated due to any government order, regulation or law.

Final decisionmaking authority with respect to any amendment rests with Amway. Amway will notify all such amendments to the Distributor by publication on its website in Amagram, Newsgram and Leadership Update (Amway’s in-house news magazine)

“Amway Business” means the aggregated rights, duties, and privileges of  a Distributor to conduct business with Amway, other Distributors and third parties as provided in the Amway Business Starter Guide, including but not limited to the Rules of Conduct.

2.1.4 “Amway Products” means all goods and services, including literature and other support or auxiliary materials, made available by Amway to Distributors.

2.1.5 “Amway Sales and Marketing Plan” means the plan provided in the Amway Business Starter Guide detailing Amway’s performance incentive systems, sponsoring procedures and guidelines, requirements, systems, procedures and policies regarding the presentation of Amway Products, the Amway business and the management of an Amway organisation, as amended from time to time by Amway and of which these Rules are a part.

2.1.6 “Amway Business Starter Guide” means the literature provided with the Distributor Application.

2.1.7 “Business Support Materials” (BSM) refers to any privately produced materials, in both written and recorded form, and meetings which may be developed, produced, and distributed by Distributors for the purpose of training and motivating the Distributors in their Business Group, as well as for the purpose of attracting prospects in becoming Amway  Distributors, which is regulated in terms of section 7 herein below.

88-ID application detailing the terms and condition of Distributorship that is required to be filled in and submitted by a person desiring to become an Amway Distributor.


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