Ethics of International Business

4 April 2015
Examines moral & social responsibilities of multinational firms in areas of labor, politics, law.

In 1986, General Motors ended a 60-year tradition of South African auto manufacture. The corporation sold its Port Elizabeth plant to a local company. GM promised to license the plant and provide certain critical components . . . in an effort to preserve the opportunities in an area of high unemployment (Malone & Roberts, 1994, p. 87). The automaker attempted to put the most positive spin on the withdrawal.

Ethics of International Business Essay Example

Although the company avoided mentioning the fact, observers noted that recently introduced U.S. legislation proposed repealing South African income tax credits. This meant that GM was facing the double burden of income taxes in both the United States and South Africa. Negative public relations were also a factor. The costs of balancing the expectations of apartheid in South Africa and the anti-apartheid stance expected in the United…

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