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2 February 2017

A description of the differences in how each theory addresses ethics and morality · A personal experience to explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts as they relate to one of the three theories When discussing ethics and the similarities of the different lenses one should explain what the lenses are.

A description of the differences in which each theory addresses ethics and morality. A personal experience can be used to explain virtue, values, and moral codes First of all, ethics may be defined as, the basic concepts and fundamental principles of human right conduct which includes the study of universal value. Ethics deal with the question of what is morally right or wrong. These orals deal not only with your business life but also our personal life. There are ethical lenses which include virtue theory, utilitarian and deontological theory. Virtue theory is dealing mainly with the character of a person.

Ethics Paper Essay Example

This theory emphasizes one’s character not he obligations or duties that are expected of them. Virtues are qualities that virtually morally good and desirable in a person. Utilitarian usually answers the question “What one ought to do in a situation. ” A utilitarian may answer this question with the statement that individual should do whatever is the greater good for everyone involved. Utilitarian often involves accessing the consequences of one’s actions and what will resolve in the best interest of all involved. Deontological theory relates to ethics as a duty rather than a moral responsibility.

When describing the deontology theory one must wonder is there a difference when considering what is morally and is this not your duty to do such. Deontology theory relates to the duty instead of the outcome because no matter how much effort no one can control the future. When observing the different ethical theories one may believe that although their differences are unique there are similarities in them. One may state that a similarity between utilitarian and deontology is that they both require one to consider their duty something that should be done and considering the character of an individual is if it will be done.

If an individual has morals and character he or she may consider it their duty to do what is morally correct. On the other hand although their similarities are close knit; they each have a distinct difference depending on the individual. For instance, recently the complex next door caught fire due to bad wiring. The company put all the tenants up for the weekend because they believed that this is what they ought to do. After the weekend the tenants were told that the situation had been turned over to their insurance company and it was out of their hands.

The tenants believe that the company should hold their self-responsible and accommodate them much more. The utilitarian theory would say that the company is responsible and that they ought to do the right thing. But what is the right thing. The deontology theory may say that it is the company’s duty to accommodate the tenants in any way possible because the fire was their fault. While the virtue theory considers the character of the company, it may be that the company has no compassion and goes strictly by the book. The virtue theory deals with character of the individuals involved in the company.

In conclusion the virtues and morals of businesses depend on the different ethical theories. Although they have their similarities there are differences in the theories that affect the outcome of what business considers being morally correct. Whereas a company may be virtuous and believe that it is morally and financially responsible to the tenants, another may feel that they ought to let the insurance company make the decision of what to do. The other may consider feel it is their duty to help the tenants in any way possible, after all their employee caused the fire.

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