Ethos Logos and Pathos in Squealer

8 August 2016

Okay. In the book The Animal Farm Squealer, the pig, shows some extremely complex characteristics. His ability to persuade the animals to do or believe anything is incredible. Squealer got even the animals to believe that Napoleon was a good leader, which we all know is not true, for multiple years. I believe Orwell created Squealer to get us to understand how manipulated the people of Russia were, in these times. Orwell writes “…Squealer would talk with tears rolling down his cheeks… “, showing squealer has knowledge of literary devices and how to use them (Orwell100).

Obviously Squealer is cunning and full of himself knowing that he is smarter than the other animals. Ethos is the ability to develop credibility for a source, or like, an advertisement or something. Squealer uses Napoleon’s credibility of being their “savior” to convince the animals not to rebel and to stand true to Napoleon. Just by the fact that Squealers speeches were well spoken no one ever questioned him lying or faking the animals suspected nothing. Animals were determined to work hard (Orwell 85). Squealer uses the history of the farm to draw in the animals.

Ethos Logos and Pathos in Squealer Essay Example

Pathos is the ability to tap into listeners feelings. Squealer uses large amounts of pathos. When Squealer cries during his speech he is showing pathos (Orwell100). His ability to cry on queue like that is remarkable. Squealer has got everyone in their feelings. Squealer attempts to convince all of the animals that their life is better than it was with farmer Jones. An example of Squealers pathos would be “Besides in those days they had always been slaves and now they were free, and that made all the difference, as Squealer did not fail to point out” (77).

Logos is persuading by the use of reasoning. Logos also refers to logic and the effectiveness of its supporting evidence. Squealer frequently presents logos, an example would be ““It had all been proved by documents which he left behind him and which we have only just discovered” (55). Squealer frequently presents “evidence” to show the other animals that life is better now than it was before. The bulk of the animals in the story believe him even though we all know that the ‘’statistics’’ were fake.

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