Ethos, logos, pathos

7 July 2016

In my opinion this is an anti-Nike ad, it is portraying Nike as a bad company. This ad is in black and white with some words colored in red. Looking at this ad I see a young girl running with no shoes on her feet and holding a blanket. I think there is a baby in that blanket by the way she is cradling it in her arms. The ad describes how hard the Indonesian people have to work for Nike to get their products out to the consumers. They also highlight the words in red how it’s so cool to wear Nike.

I intend to analyze the ad according to its use of credibility (ethos), emotion (pathos), and intellect (logos). One of the ways this anti-Nike ad was able to get consumers to trust them was through its use of ethos. Nike is a very popular band that professional athletes use in sporting events. Since Nike is a popular brand there has been a lot of advertisements around that encourage people to try their product. However, this anti Nike ad is the most effective advertisement ever made because it shows negativity towards the Nike brand.

Nike has been around for a long time so, when you see an ad that contradicts their brand you ask yourself if you want to support their product. In my opinion this ad is trying to get a reaction from Nike. Because Nike is so well known they can reach more readers and consumer to get their point of view to a broader audience. Another way this anti-Nike ad was able to get consumers to trust them was through the use of pathos. The emotion in this ad is depressing due to its gray color and the young girl running with no shoes on her feet holding her baby.

It makes you stop to read the ad about this young girl holding her baby wrapped in a blanket with a blank stare on her face. This causes you think how the people making the Nike products are being treated. This young girl is portrayed as over worked and exhausted, her feet are swollen, bruised and, it looks as if she is running from someone. She is standing on a ledge as if in a state of desperation. Finally, this ad used its words to get consumers to think how Nike exploits their workers through the use of logos.

The pressure they put on Indonesian workers working 60 hours a week is unfair. It is disturbing that workers are being scared to ask for a raise after they produce a good product. Because after they ask for a raise they will disappear. If this ad is against Nike, why would they put β€œSO THINK IT’S SO COOL TO WEAR NIKE” in big bold red letters? People walking past this ad will just see the last phrase its cool to wear Nike. I my opinion it is because they want to get Nike customers to stop and read the ad.

To get their customers to think how the products they love and support is being made. As a result, when you see an ad like this it makes you wonder how little employees are compensated for their hard work. Nike is such a popular brand. You do not take into consideration the blood, sweat, and tears that come from Indonesian workers that make their product. This ad makes you stop and think what really goes on behind the scene. Do you really want to support a company that their creditability is not what it usually portrays? http://24. media. tumblr. com/tumblr lvl6inPTq61r7qxqko1 500. jpg

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