Eudora Welty

7 July 2016

In her book “One Writer’s Beginnings”, from page 3 to page 20, Eudora Welty explains to us how her childhood and parents’ personalities influenced, shaped her writing style. At the beginning Eudora told us that she grew up in a house which is full of sorts of clocks. “We grew up to the striking of clocks” (Welty, page 3). She obtained a strong sense of time under this circumstance. “But we all of us have been time-minded all our lives” (Welty, page3). For a future fiction writer, this childhood experience made her to learn chronology penetratingly; put chronology at the first place of her novels.

“This was good at least for a future fiction writer, being able to learn so penetratingly, and first of all, about chronology” (Welty, page 4). Eudora showed us that her father also influenced her writing in the future. She explained it by telling and showing us that her father, Christian Welty, who is creative, loves fascinating instruments, overreacts to lightning storm, and he is full of eventualities.

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“My father loved all instruments that would instruct fascinate” (Welty, page 4). “He had an almost childlike love of ingenious” (Welty, page 4). “Eventualities were much on his mind” (Welty, page 4).

“Drew us away from the window during electrical storm” (Welty, page 4). By receiving the influence of her father, Eudora became sensitive to weather. In the future as being a writer, atmosphere took influential part in her stories. “So I developed a strong meteorological sensibility. In years ahead when I wrote stories, atmosphere took its influential role from the start” (Welty, page 4). Beside all those, Christian Welty also gave many toys to his children. Those toys, specially the train, are instructive and representing his fondest beliefs to his children.

“All of this, specially the train, represents my father’s fondest belief-in progress, in the future” (Welty, page 4). Eudora’s mother, Chestina Welty, gave her a very important gift—she read to Eudora. Chesina was infatuated with novels and books. By receiving this influence, Eudora loves reading as well. Not only Eudora’s mother but both of her parents like books. Both of them were not rich enough to buy many books, but they still buy books with carefully selection and ordering, because they wanted to give those books to their children.

They know books, knowledge, could secure the future of their children. “Neither of my parents had come from homes that could afford to buy many books, but they still buy books with carefully selection and order. They bought first for the future” (Welty, page 5). Those books included some great works by great writers such as Mark Twain, Thomas Day. Eudora learn some truths of being a person. The old black sewing woman, Fannie, feed Eudora with gossips. Long before I wrote stories, I listened for stories.

When Eudora was advanced in adolescence she found that lies, stratagems, jokes, tricks, and dares that went with people, were in fact the basis of the scenes. My instinct—the dramatic instinct-was to lead me, eventually, on the right track for a storyteller: the scene was full of hints, pointers, suggestions, and promises of things to find out and know about human beings. Eudora put baby question to her mother. When mother wanted to answer she was saved by Professor Holt’s singing. She had a chance to be told but ruined it.

She was distracted by lightning bugs. Find the buffalo nickels which belong to the brother died as a baby before she was born. Eudora’s mother “suffered from a morbid streak which in all the life of the family reached out on occasions-the worst occasions-and touched us, clung around us, making it worse for her; her unbearable moments could find nowhere to go. “ Eudora learn that “one secret is liable to be revealed in the place of another that is harder to tell, and the substitute secret when nakedly exposed is often the more appalling.

She thinks her father could not bear this pain but actually her father saved her mother’s life. Father tried to use champagne to save mother. Her parents overprotected her. All her life I continued to feel that bliss for her would have to imply her mother’s deprivation or sacrifice—give her the ticket to see Blossom Time. Those make her have “a passion for independence sprang up in her at the earliest age. ” She wanted to protect her parents who were always protecting her. In the act and the course of writing stories, there are two of the springs, one bright, one dark, that feed the stream.

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