Eudora Welty’s A Visit of Charity: Relationship

Eudora Welty’s A Visit of Charity: Relationship between Two Women BY nabee1678 “A Visit Of Charity’ Do the two old women have a good relationship? Use quotations to support your answer. I think the two women have a very good relationship. I think this is evident is several parts of the story. One of the things that show this throughout the story is how the first old lady keeps on rationalizing the second old ladies behavior. We first see this when Marian brings them the potted flower and the second old lady keeps on insulting them, insisting “they are not pretty'(line 18).

After this the first old lady is almost apologetic and reassures Marian that the flowers are pretty. She then goes on to tell Marian ” You mustn’t pay any attention to old Addie. “(line33) Almost excusing her bad behavior. We see this again later on when old Addie snaps at the old women and begins to rant, mfou never went to school… with a terrible old women – forever? “(lines 55-61) The old women excuses this with a simple “that’s not polite” (lineto old Addie and begins to explain to Marian the reason for the rant, saying.

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“Why she is mad because it is her birthday’

The second thing that leads me to believe that these two women have a good relationship is when Marian tells us about the where the first old women put the potted plant. She says, “… finished putting the potted plant high high on top of the wardrobe” she then mention that by being on top of the wardrobe “… it could hardly be seen from below. ” I think this shows that she cares greatly for old Addie; she does not want to upset her by putting the ‘ugly plant within easy sight of her. Almost discarding her own admiration of the plant.

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