Euphoria by Enrique Iglesias

8 August 2019

Enrique Iglesias
Released on: July, 05’10
Ninth album by the King of Latin Pop, Enrique Iglesias, singer-songwriter, gets his devoted fans excited and thrilled.
This album, Euphoria, released on July, 05th 2010, features 13 songs, 5 of them in Spanish.
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(unfavorable) (Latin Music)

I Like It the first song of the album is a rock hit, features Pitbull, the American rapper. Enrique flaunts his vocal skills in this one. Even as the lyrics don’t hold much depth in them, the song climbed the billboard like a plane just taking off. Coming no. 1 on Billboard Canadian Hot 100.

Heartbeat features Nicole Scherzinger. The rhythm and beat is really moving. Lyrics are short and simple but the chorus is a real winner. Stayed for 5 weeks of European Billboard.
Heartbreaker is a solo by Iglesias, which carries awesome booming music throughout the song, changing occasionally.

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Lyrics are moody and accusing. Making it another successful song by him.
Ayer (Yesterday) and Why Not Me, though in Spanish and English respectively are the deeply written and emotionally sung songs of the album. Both holds BEAUTIFUL lyrics and moving rhythm. Ayer stayed on Latin Pop chart for 20 weeks on position number 3! You will not understand a words in Ayer but will automatically feel the pain is his rich voice. Why Not Me shows the 37-year-old heart throb’s lyrical skills. It is for all lovelorn out there.
Everything’s Gonna Be alright is all what it says in its title. That’s the song you should listen to when tomorrow is your exam, its your job-interview or any big day. This one rip off the tension and stress of you and leave you feeling blissful. Its very motivating goes like “we know we got what it takes to make it”. Experience says, “LISTEN WHEN YOU ARE NERVOUS!”
One Day At A Time is similar to I Like It. Great banging music and Akon’s rapping stand out a mile. Whatever it says in the lyrics it’s a true hooky.
Cuando Me Enamro (I Like It) and No Me Digas Que No (Do Not Tell Me) are Spanish pop tunes. The songs are well sung. Will get you humming the tune.
Dile Que (Tell That) and Tu Y Yo (You And Me) are not real hooky. Soft music and slow rhythm.
Euphria sell more than 200000 copies in USA. Stayed on 1st position in several charts like US Top Latin Albums, Mexican Albums Chart etc for WEEKS!
Recording himself from 1997 and being a platinum-selling singer, 15 years hasn’t changed a bit his oomph. Never having seen a dip in his successful career Enrique says “I’ll always be striving for another great album and another great song!”.
I know this review seems a must-listen type, but what I can do?? This album is so good!!!

I Like It
One day at a time
Dirty Dancer
Why Not Me
No Me Digas Que No
Cuando Me Enamaro
Dile Que
Tu Y Yo
Coming Home
Everything’s gonna be alright

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