European Expansion Essay Research Paper Matthew PolleyWest

10 October 2017

European Expansion Essay, Research Paper

Matthew Polley

West and the World

Professor Morgan

October 5,1999

European Expansion

Bernal Diaz del Castillo accompanied Captain Hernan Cortez in his March on Tenichitilan ( Mexico City ) in 1519, ensuing in the resignation of this Aztec capital in 1521. Castillo contends that he will give us the honest history of what happened and non to give a bias sentiment of what happened. We read three different subdivisions from his book. The first is his trip to the Caribbean, the second is his brush in Cholula, and the 3rd is the wake of the autumn of Tenochtitlan. In theses subdivisions we are seeking to happen the implicit in subjects, what the function of the vanquishers was, and eventually, what events does Castillo look to rebut.

Since Castillo tried to give a pure history so it is difficult to state that there are concealed contentions. The lone hidden text that I could happen was that of misconception deliberately given by the Indians of peace.

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They merely presented the troop with peace so they could acquire the troop to follow them into an ambuscade. The tendency seems to follow in the following subdivision, were they the troop I

s greeted really hospitably by the work forces of importance from Cholula. While in the attention of the Cholula they were striped of about all nutrient and resources. Cortezs tried repeatedly to negociate with the Caciques who had turned against them. Cortezs told them that he was needed to speak to Montezuma who was the leader.

The whole point of these journeys was to distribute Christianity. Throughout the different times Cortes would state that God would forestall any injury that would come to the work forces. This was a tactic to give assurance to the work forces who doubted him. If God was on their side than no 1 could get the better of them. At the terminal of the last subdivision the work forces were mad at Cortes because they thought that he was maintaining all the money for himself. Castillo seemed to hold regard for Cortes, for he was a great warrior leader, and he ne’er gave a bad sentiment or remark toward Cortes.

I thought that Castillo gave a good history. In comparing to the missive written by Columbus, Castillo? s narrative seemed to hold less, or at least less obvious, concealed docket. Castillo missive was non seeking to carry anyone to give him more money or supplies but he was seeking to compose a narrative from past old ages and state the truth the best he could.

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