European Union Essay Research Paper EU CrisisSpring

9 September 2017

European Union Essay, Research Paper

European Union Essay Research Paper EU CrisisSpring Essay Example

EU Crisis

Spring 1999 was supposed to be the European Union & # 8217 ; s finest hr, as its Economic and Monetary Union eventually got underway.

Alternatively, the brotherhood was thrown into convulsion. After a vituperative study proposing corruptness and misdirection in the European Commission, all 20 commissioners were forced to step down.

At the same clip dialogues to reform the EU budget were deadlocked, endangering ambitious programs to take in new members from Eastern Europe.

It took a meeting of the EU caputs of province and authorities at the Berlin acme on 24-25 March to decide the crisis.

EU Budget discovery

After 20 hours of non-stop dialogues at the Berlin acme, EU leaders agree on budget reforms & # 8211 ; but they are less drastic than originally envisaged.

The EU budget via media reached in Berlin is an intricate Numberss game, hammered out in 20 hours of non-stop negotiations.

The reforms are non every bit extremist as many politicians had called for. Several states fought hard to protect their portion of EU money and, as all budget determinations have to be consentaneous, they could hold vetoed any trade traveling against them.

In typical EU manner, the via media budget is mixture of give and take, but there are some clear victors and also-rans.

As the Sun rose over Berlin, a via media was eventually foundMost consumers populating in the European Union should be among the victors, as the monetary value of many nutrients could fall in the coming old ages.

Spain, Greece, Portugal and France did rather nicely, supporting their portion of EU subsidies.

The large also-ran is Germany. The host authorities tried to acquire its EU payments reduced by 3bn euros, but for the negotiations to win the Germans had to settle for a cut of merely 700m euros.

Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands are the other large subscribers to the EU & # 8217 ; s caissons and they did non accomplish the large cuts they hoped for either.

Italy could shortly go one of the large Spenders. In two old ages new regulations for ciphering each state & # 8217 ; s budget portion will aggressively drive up the size of Italy & # 8217 ; s parts.

The Union & # 8217 ; s purposes and chances

During its brief history, the European Union has grown greatly in footings of the country it covers & # 8211 ; it now Numberss 15 Member States & # 8211 ; its political significance and its establishments. The establishing Treaties have been revised three times: in 1987 ( the Single Act ) , in 1992 ( the Treaty on European Union ) and in 1997 ( the bill of exchange Treaty of Amsterdam ) .

The ultimate end of the European Union is & # 8220 ; an of all time closer brotherhood among the peoples of Europe, in which determinations are taken every bit closely as possible to the citizen & # 8221 ; ; the aim is to advance economic and societal advancement which is balanced and sustainable, asseverate the European individuality on the international scene and present a European citizenship for the subjects of the Member States.

The European Union has its ain flag, its ain anthem and celebrates Europe Day on 9 May.

The Union & # 8217 ; s chief aims for the approaching old ages are:

othe execution of the Treaty of Amsterdam ( which contains new rights for citizens, freedom of motion, employment, beef uping the establishments ) oenlargement of the EU, to take in the applicant states from cardinal and eastern Europe ( Agenda 2000 ) othe launching of the euro.

Citizens rights

The European Union has bit by bit been confabulating on people new rights which can be upheld by national tribunals and by the European Court of Justice. These rights, which have ever been regarded by the Court of Justice as general rules that the European establishments were bound by, were written into the Treaty at assorted phases, reflecting the development of Union activities. The Treaty of Rome began

by criminalizing favoritism based on nationality in affairs connected with the free motion of workers. Subsequently three other instruments – the Single Act ( 1987 ) and the Maastricht ( 1992 ) and Amsterdam ( 1997 ) Treaties – added further rights which can be divided into three major classs:

1.Fundamental rights

2.Rights inherent in freedom of motion

3.Individual democratic rights

It is indispensable for the democratic development of the European Union that the rights enjoyed by all people and by European citizens in peculiar be upheld.

In add-on to these formal rights, it should be added that the Amsterdam Treaty implicitly acknowledges that Europeans are entitled to anticipate the Union to move in affairs which concern them.


The mission of Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities in Luxembourg, is to supply the European Union with a high-quality statistical service. Eurostat receives statistical informations, collected harmonizing to unvarying regulations, from the national statistical institutes of the EU Member States. It so consolidates and harmonises the informations, before doing them available to the populace in the signifier of printed or electronic publications or imperativeness releases. The informations are straight available from the Data Shop web and from EUR-OP distribution webs.

Publications, Databases and Documents

General information about the European Union is available as free of charge publications. The Official Journal, other official paperss, specialised publications and databases turn toing professional demands, can be ordered from EUR-OP. All these information beginnings can besides be consulted in the relays and webs created in each Member State and several foreign states.

The 15 Member States

In the beginning they were six. Then nine, ten, 12 and today 15 European states bound together to organize the European Union. Fifteen different states determined to determine their hereafter closely together. Governments online provides links to their public web waiters.



The purpose of this papers is to assist those who use the European emblem to reproduce it right. The papers contains the basic regulations for the building of the emblem every bit good as the criterion colors to be used.


Against the background of bluish sky, twelve aureate stars form a circle, stand foring the brotherhood of the peoples of Europe. The figure of stars is invariable, twelve being the symbol of flawlessness and entireness.


On a field cerulean a circle of 12 mullets or, their points non touching.


The emblem is in the signifier of a bluish rectangular flag of which the fly is one and a half times the length of the hoist. Twelve gold stars situated at equal intervals form an unseeable circle whose Centre is the point of intersection of the diagonals of the rectangle. The radius of the circle is equal to tierce of the tallness of the hoist. Each of the stars has five points which are situated on the perimeter of an unseeable circle whose radius is equal to one-eighteenth of the tallness of the hoist. All the stars are unsloped & # 8211 ; that is to state, with the one point perpendicular and two points in a consecutive line at right angles to the mast.

The circle is arranged so that the stars appear in the place of the hours on the face of a clock. Their figure is invariable.


The emblem is in the undermentioned colors:

PANTONE REFLEX BLUE for the surface of the rectangle ; PANTONE YELLOW for the stars.

The international PANTONE scope is really widely available and easy accessible even for non-professionals.

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