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10 October 2017

European Union Essay, Research Paper

European Union Essay Research Paper The European Essay Example

The European Union is a brotherhood of 15 independent provinces bases on the European Communities that was founded in 1993 in order to heighten political, economic and societal co-operation.

The 15 participating states are the undermentioned:

– Austria & # 8211 ; Germany & # 8211 ; Holland

– Belgique & # 8211 ; Greece & # 8211 ; Portugal

– Denmark & # 8211 ; Ireland & # 8211 ; Spain

– Suomi & # 8211 ; Italy & # 8211 ; Sweden

– France & # 8211 ; Luxembourg & # 8211 ; United Kingdom

All these states, although different in sentiment, traditions, are united by a common ideal: to do Europe a better topographic point to populate by maintaining peace and freedom.

The purpose of the European Union is to advance economic and societal advancement, which is balanced and sustainable, conveying the European individuality on the international scene and present the European citizenship for the subjects of the member provinces.

The ultimate end is & # 8216 ; an of all time close brotherhood among the people of Europe, in which determinations are taken every bit closely as possible to the citizen. & # 8217 ;

The European Union has its ain flag, anthem and it celebrates the Europe Day on the 9th of May.

Each Community had, and still has, its ain legal base, a Treaty. The Treaties provide a set of policy aims or ends, establishments to put to death them, a decision-making procedure, and definition of the legal signifiers to convey those determinations to world. Over the old ages, the Treaties have been well amended, impacting the Union & # 8217 ; s competency, institutional construction, and decision-making procedures.

Some future aims of the Union are:

– to implement the Treaty of Amsterdam, which revises the basic pacts on which the EU is founded. It contains new rights for citizen, freedom of motion, employment, beef uping of establishment.

– to enlarge the EU, to include states from cardinal and eastern Europe as good. This was specified in & # 8216 ; Agenda 2000 & # 8242 ; , a elaborate scheme for & # 8217 ; beef uping growing, fight and employment, for overhauling cardinal policies and for widening the Union & # 8217 ; s boundary lines through expansion as far due easts as the Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova & # 8217 ; ( President Santer Jacques in the Agenda 2000 ) . This Agenda is the Commission & # 8217 ; s much anticipated communicating on the hereafter development of the European Union. Introducing the Agenda 2000, the president Jacques Santer besides said that & # 8216 ; Enlargement represents a historic turning point for Europe & # 8217 ; .

– to establish the Euro & # 8211 ; the individual currency of the European Monetary Union which is adopted by 11 states as from 1st Jan. 1999.

Five establishments can take part in the legislative procedure under the EC Treaty. Each has its constitutional function. The chief three are the European Commission, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament.

The European Commission has the chief function to maneuver the Union in new waies. It operates as a beginning of policy enterprises and works closely with the Parliament and the Council. Basically it represents the common involvements of the Union and it has the exclusive right to originate statute law. The Commission is besides the Union & # 8217 ; s administrative organic structure, supervising member province execution of directives and implementing ordinances. Another duty of the Commission is to pull off the ECU budget and to take determinations in Fieldss such as competition, agribusiness and trade policy. It has besides of import duties for assistance and development in the 3rd states.

One of its bounds is that it has non power to take legislative determinations.

After the Commission transmits its proposals, the Council of the European Union, stand foring the member provinces, Acts of the Apostless on Commission proposals and has the concluding or joint legislative authorization with the Parliament. It has besides function in set uping an internal market ( no boundary lines between provinces, that guarantees freedom of motion inside the Union ) and that the aims put by the Treaty are reached by organizing the general economic policies of the member provinces of the EU by following proposals from the Commission.

The European Parliament represents the people of the European Union, by moving as the EU & # 8217 ; s public forum in debating issues and oppugning the Commission and Council. It has three cardinal powers:

– statute law power

– the power of the bag

– the power to democratic supervising.

The Parliament is besides able to steer and advance the EU’s development and co-operation plans with all the world’s developing states.

By following declarations on its ain enterprise, the Parliament is a political drive force bring forthing several enterprises for the development of the Community policies. It on a regular basis works together with the Commission and the Council to develop or modify bing policies, or present new 1s.

European integrating is an of import and ambitious undertaking. Europe is presently sing high unemployment and Europeans are unsure about how to happen a manner out. Part of the solution to it is the European Monetary Union. It is a great benefit for the Cyprus and the whole European economic system.

Apart from the advantages at the general economic degree, EMU offers single benefits. Companies and citizens will gain from the stableness of the individual currency, from lowered costs, and from the new transparence in the Common Market due to the direct comparison of monetary values. EMU will ensue in monetary value stableness for the whole euro zone.

Associating to the Cyprus job, fall ining the European Union is decidedly a positive measure towards work outing the state of affairs. the EU has taken a clear and steadfast place in support of a solution that respects the sovereignty, independency, territorial unity and integrity of the state. The EU place that the position quo imposed by the Turkish invasion of 1974 and the continued business by Turkish military personnels of 37 % of the island & # 8217 ; s district, is unacceptable, was stated in the Dublin European Council Declaration, the Lisbon European Council Conclusions, and was repeated on legion other occasions.

Cyprus Government believes strongly, that the accession to the European Union will assist in work outing the political job, and as Foreign Minister Kasoulides, during the gap ceremonial for the enlargement procedure on 30 March 1998, said & # 8220 ; this procedure and the chance of EU rank which will profit the population of Cyprus in its entireness, will move as a accelerator, bring oning all sides to work for an early solution & # 8221 ; .

Another advantage offered by the European Union to Cyprus by fall ining it is the set uping unvarying regulations and ordinances on the environment, sing its pollution. Aiming at a high degree of protection, the Union & # 8217 ; s current policies go far beyond air and H2O quality to include the protection of dirts, home grounds and zoologies and vegetations, and the preservation of wild birds.

Some of the policies that regulate the protection of the environment are sing the discharge of toxic substances in the H2O, emanation of gases from the vehicles, repairing the maximal noise allowed for autos, aeroplanes, bikes, etc.

All these policies are needed in Cyprus, they imply non merely continuing, protecting of the environment, but besides protecting human wellness. It besides facilitates guaranting a rational usage of the natural resources.

As quoted from the official web site of the Cyprus authorities, & # 8220 ; Cyprus has a batch to profit from EU rank. It besides has a batch to offer as a member province. The geographic place of the state, the healthy province of its economic system, the devotedness of the people to the ideals of the EU are all elements which enable Cyprus to lend to the stableness and public assistance of the European household, irrespective of its little size. Situated at the intersection of of import conveyance and communications paths associating Europe to the Middle East and the Orient, Cyprus aspires to go the part & # 8217 ; s economic and fiscal operations Centre, a communications and conveyance hub, and a meeting topographic point for peoples and civilizations. With its advanced proficient substructure and skilled human resources it can go a span from where European endeavors launch their activities. Furthermore, it can move as a shield, protecting Europe from the influx of narcotics, trafficking in human existences and the menace of terrorism. & # 8221 ;

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