Evaluate Company Q’s current attitude

7 July 2016

With reviewing company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibility, I feel it is very poor requires immediate attention. There a few areas of which the company can work on to be more socially responsible. The company just recently closed down two stores due to high crime rates rather than giving it a chance to succeed and help the community in the time of need. Yes the store may have lost some profits, but using the crime rate as an excuse to close down is not very professional. This shows me that the attitude is all about not losing an extra buck rather than fighting to keep your store open.

I also see as poor attitude is not allowing old food to be given to the food bank. Due to “risk” of possible fraud and theft, they rather dispose of the food than give it up for a good reason. When a company does not have set rules applied for these types of instances, it means that the company is not prepared and well handled from top to bottom. There will always be theft, it just depends on how the company will contain it. They can create guide lines on both areas, internally and externally for employees and clients to see. The last area I noticed was the high demand of organic products from their clients.

Evaluate Company Q’s current attitude Essay Example

For clients to request a product for years and just receive a limited amount, it shows the company is not listening and or taking into account what the client wants. Part B: Recommend 3 actions Company Q can take to improve its attitude to social responsibility. 1. Provide more ethical training to its employees, and understand that there will always be theft in any industry. When I was employed by a local restaurant company, I witness many instances where an employee stole something. At times it was food, condiments and even cash. What company Q needs to do is set up an ethical training program for new and current clients.

This way everyone is aware that these actions will not be tolerated. The company may also want to apply additional security features in each location, such as cameras security guards etc. Company Q can also give out rewards for employees reporting co workers that are stealing from the firm. It allows everyone to know that they are being watched for inappropriate actions. There are many ideas that company Q can take, but first it must establish an ethical training program. 2. Company Q needs to give back to the community and one primary example would be by donating day old food items.

The firm loses nothing if old food is being given to the food bank. Yes, stealing may occur if the company Q sets rules and procedures you can minimize the theft and fraud that can occur. One good example would be to have a checklist created for both the employee giving the items and the food bank representative that receives the food. If each one can submit the check list to the appropriate supervisor, it can locate where the theft is taking place. It may require more work internally, but as a firm it will be viewed as socially responsible to giving back to the community. 3.

Company Q can also lower the prices on the higher end products. Yes, the company may lose money or may break even but it is worth gaining something than not selling anything. Trail and error will need to take place with any new item that is being offered. Allow your clients to continue to provide feedback on what they like and do not like. This can help market the products which can cause higher revenue. Also you always want to show you are listening to your clients, this way they can spread the word of your company. With more people talking positively about the company, more clients will be happy to shop in your store.

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