Evaluating Presidents

4 April 2015
Examines various leadership theories & approaches to measuring personal & political qualities of U.S. presidents.

Evaluating presidents is one of the best-loved games in American politics, but it is also a game played without clear standards. Evaluation requires comparison, and a president is usually compared to other presidents. Presidents have much in common with one another, but there are also differences. Brace and Hinckley emphasize the importance of the office over the individual in it. They also see the importance of specific influences, which vary from administration to administration:
It is only when we separate out, or control for, these multiple influences that we can begin to see how each president worked within the uneasy balance of the office (Brace and Hinckley 11).
Some presidents have been highly successful in dealing with the office and with Congress. Ronald Reagan was perceived as a..
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