Evaluation of a president

12 December 2017

In 1883 He returned to school at Johns Hopping university with the desire to become a college professor, worked at Bryn Marrow College, Wesleyan University and Princeton, where not only he was a professor but also became the president of this university. In 1910 Wilson obtained the Governance of New Jersey and in 1913 Woodrow Wilson became the 28th president of the United States.

It is important to express that he has the only one president with the most formal education, which helped him perform an outstanding Job as a Country leader, policy and legislative deader, manager of the economy policy, commander In chief and party leader.The Characteristics on leadership that Identify Woodrow Wilson were originated from Reverend Joseph Rustles Wilson, His father, which was a minister of the first Presbyterian Church, reverend Wilson who taught him the justification of South’s secession from the union, inculcated his son the act of prayer and the belief that God is the guide of the human destiny; therefore all events are the will of God. Religion was Willow’s driving force during his presidency, he believed that God had pre- ordained him as president of the united States.Woodrow Wilson believed in world peace, it was proven when he tried to keep America out of the war in World War l, with the neutrality of the united States on war, he wrote his Fourteen Points hoping that the United States could bring peace to the war, points that clearly laid out his vision of the lasting peace. As president, Woodrow Willow’s work was concentrated on his people, such as anta-trust legislation to protect the people of America with a system that was fair to them.This action’s would have set Woodrow Wilson as one of the presidents with the best characters on leadership but the fact that he abandoned the minority of people that were encouraged by his promises to cast their vote for his party, lowers his character as a president, because not only he left them unprotected but imposed full racial segregation for all federal employees, going from an A on character on leadership to a B.Woodrow Wilson Supported the Living Constitution, “The view that the document’s meaning must be elastic enough to change with the mores and political leanings of the times” (Strauss, David A).

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By putting this view it into practice he persuaded a democratic congress to pass major regressive reforms, such as The Federal Reserve Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, The Clayton Antitrust Act, Federal Farm Loan Act, Adamson Act and Nineteenth Amendment, Wilson successfully pushed a legislative agenda that few presidents have equaled.Before setting forth those programs, Wilson review broadly with congressional leaders to make sure that his programs would be approved when also by his actions. An event that surely demonstrated the congress that Wilson intended to play a dominant role in policy making is what occurred in the opening of a special session of Congress called by the President to consider tariff reform, Wilson attended personally before a Joint session of the House and Senate to explain his program. His speech obtained consideration because no President had addressed Congress personally since John Adams.Woodrow Willow’s success in getting programs that were essential for the welfare of American people passed gives him an A, his great role as policy and legislative leadership was obtained with his adamant desire of seen brighter future for America. In Wilson first campaign he ran under a platform known as the “New Freedom, an ambitious and thoroughly progressive platform that promised a tariff reduction, reform of the banking and monetary system, and new laws to weaken abusive corporations and restore economic competition”( Clement, Kindred).The Federal Reserve Act, The Clayton Anti-Trust, The Federal Trade commission Act and The Underworld-Simmons Bill, and Act were all seen by Wilson as methods to further his plans of taking away power from big corporations and banks and giving it to the small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Wilson accomplished the Underworld-Simmons Bill, which lowered the trade tariffs for the first time in the United States, and introduced the first progressive Income Tax for the American people.By doing this, Wilson lowered the riffs, opening the doors for foreign goods to be brought in at bargain prices. Wilson lowered the tariffs believing that the original Justifications for the tariff were no longer applicable and were Just creating harm by giving unfair benefits to corporations. As president of the United States Wilson accomplished some of the most wide-range economic restorations, by compromising and cutting deals, he was able to accomplish his plan of reform in the business world.Willow’s plan for the economy of the United States did succeed, therefore, he deserves an A on the work done in the economy and domestic policy. Woodrow Wilson was the president that led the United States through the hardest years of War, his performance as a commander in chief was fundamental for the welfare future of the United States; without doubt the stability of the people after war would have been different if Wilson would have not fought for what he believed was right.One of the speeches that most definitely has beneficial the United States was The Declaration of Neutrality, speech that was presented to the people by Woodrow Willow’s When World War I began, “The effect of the war upon the United States will depend upon what American citizens say and do.

Every man who really loves America will act and speak in the true spirit of neutrality, which is the spirit of impartiality and fairness and friendliness to all concerned.The spirit of the Nation in this critical matter will be determined largely by what individuals and society and those gathered in public meetings do and say, upon what newspapers and magazines contain, upon what ministers utter in their pulpits, and men proclaim as their opinions on the street” (Wilson, Woodrow) Willow’s plan of neutralism was supported with the belief that the united states not only could play a role of peacekeeper between the warring entries but it could also beneficial the economy, by providing the European countries with supplies and food.The piece idea did not work because eventually the on the economy with the neutrality,” a 44-month economic boom ensued from 1914 to 1918, first as Europeans began purchasing U. S. Goods for the war” (Lazed, Carols) Wilson was a skilled public speaker, His messages were designed to persuade people to share his beliefs. On my opinion his great skill in public speaking and his high level of education was what helped Woodrow Wilson make an excellent as a meander in chief, with an A, I grade him as one of the most influential and effective Presidents in the history of U.S.

Foreign policy. In conclusion, the evaluation of a president, should not be based in skills because not everyone has the same opportunities to obtain a skill, I believe a leader should be evaluated based on his effort to seek the well-being of the people under leadership, based on this, Woodrow Wilson receives an A for his overall performance during his years on the presidency. Wilson performed well on the areas that matter for the nation. On his character, He wowed positive religious beliefs that lead to the welfare of the nation.

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