Evaluation of Canteen Service

1 January 2017

According to this definition of service and standards of service above, I will evaluate canteen’s service on three criteria: staff, product and facilities. First, I will talk about the quality of canteen’s staff : the seriously on their work, behavioral skills and appearance. We evaluate the first criteral base on their attitude when theyre working. It means the staff’s speed of servicing as well as cleaning their facilities, do they meet clients needs in time?

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Evaluation of Canteen Service
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The way they treat to the clients in normal case ( such as the way they say hello, thank you, good bye or simply that do they keep their smile continuous when they serve their customers) and special cases ( for example how they deal with customers’s complains ). What about the staff appearance: neat, cleanly, and do they have a uniform? Next, we will talk about the quality, quantity and price of product.

The product is served have to sure that all of this meet the standards of food hygiene and safety according to the Ordinance command publicized food safety and sanitation that is signed by President Tran Duc Luong, has been the Standing Committee of the XIth National Assembly passed on 26-7-2003, effected from 1/11/2003. Besides, the main customers of canteen is student, who don’t have a strong financial capability and some of them also depends on parents’ allowance, the price for canteen’s product must not expensive and suitable for student living.

It also means that, the quality of products must match to it cost ( they cant sell the product with an average price level but has very litter food ). Because of their major clients, canteen’s food must be diversity but still focus on lunch, then is breakfast and have junk food for the break between lessons. Finally, we will mention about the canteen’s facilities. The canteen’s area must meet the minimum requirements that 1. 5 persons/m2 of the standard construction design for restaurants. All outdoor walkways and approaches are well-maintained and cleaned.

Reception and common areas (corridors, waiting area), floors, walls and ceilings clean and free of debris, damage, visible wear and marks. Temperature is comfortable throughout entire dining and common areas. Food pick-up area, corridors and doorways from kitchen are well-organized and hygienic inappearance. Floors throughout the dining area are in good condition, very clean, free of dust build-up and debris. Dining room walls, partitions and ceilings, especially those adjacent to dining tables, are clean and hygienic.

Music system, if in use, at appropriate volume and clear sound, free of distortion and static. Dining tables and chairs are very clean and hygienic in appearance. Lighting is adequate to permit easy reading of menu. The tops of tables have a consistent appearance and are neat. Clean paper napkins, if used, are of superior thickness and quality. Its also have enough equipment such ad spoons, chopsticks… to serve. Menus are clean, are in good condition (not excessively worn) and are easy to read.

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