Evaluation of Changes in the Methodology of Historiography

4 April 2015
An analysis of the works of major historians from Ancient, Medieval and Modern ages and how they contributed to changes in how history is recorded.

The paper examines the way in which history is recorded and how that changed through the Ancient, Medieval and Modern ages. Examples of several prominent historians are given for each age focusing on how their work is significant.
“Recording of noteworthy entities, personalities and specific events have occurred since before the advent of written record. Most scholars agree that prehistoric men employed an oral tradition as a means of educating successive generations. These early interpretations often encompassed primitive concepts of creationism and the purpose of man on earth. As groups evolved into agriculturally based societies, larger numbers of inhabitants could be sustained. Population growth and subsequent diversification of trade resulted in the need for basic record keeping and the development of written language. However, the remains of ancient civilizations reveal that much more was observed throughout daily life than simple record keeping.”
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