Evanescence –

10 October 2019

In a world of over-processed voices and vulgar lyrics, finding real music is almost ­impossible, especially metal. Everywhere you turn, you see media drones smiling from the covers of CDs. Evanescence is a gothic metal act that has managed to stay true to itself and gained huge popularity. With its soulful blend of electric guitar, rhythmic piano, and mournful lyrics, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best acts out there.

Amy Lee, the lead singer and songwriter, adds strong yet smooth vocals for a flawless finish. Though Evanescence is a relatively new band, they’ve gained a loyal following.

“Fallen” is by far the best and won them two Grammys for “Best New Artist” and “Best Hard Rock Performance” (for the song “Bring Me to Life”). It features other hits like “Going Under” and “My Last Breath.” These days, many songs are plagued by crude and pointless lyrics. The songs here reflect a multitude of emotions. Whether it’s unrequited love or grief, Lee’s voice portrays it.

I first picked up this CD because of the cover: a somewhat creepy picture of Lee’s head in black and neon blue. Ever since, I’ve been enthralled by songs like “Tourniquet,” a stirring tale of betrayal and lost love, and “My Immortal,” an emotional blend of soft piano and somber lyrics.

Evanescence’s songs appeal to gothic music fans everywhere, but they’re not too hardcore for those unfamiliar with the genre. This album is truly a must-listen for anyone looking for something dark and emotive amidst a sea of substandard bubble-gum pop.

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