Eveline Analysis

11 November 2016

Eveline’s decision at the end of the story illustrates her struggle between the past, present, and future. Swayed relentlessly by doubt and fear of change, Eveline cannot decide on a set path for her as she is unsure of what lies ahead. Ultimately, her decision would most likely reflect on her current state-of-mind; staying behind. She is shown with no sign of love or farewell, therefore predicting her final decision as she stands emotionless while Frank frantically tries to pull her onto the ship. . The most important aspect within Eveline’s identity is her consciousness. Her inability to make a decision is crucial, as it soon will lead to her eventual paralysis. 3. The male figures within Eveline’s life portray a cross-road; a forked path in which she must walk down. Metaphorically speaking, it can be said that Eveline’s father represents routine and repetition, one in which she takes comfort in (and also capable of soothing her impulses).

Her father also portrays the common patriarchal society, an old rooted past with a predetermined-fate similar to that of her deceased mother. Frank however, represents a new future, a break within the pattern. Frank is Eveline’s rescuer. 4. Eveline is motivated the most by fear. Her actions (or lack thereof), stem from her almost phobic regard towards making a decision or choice, whether it meant succumbing to her domestic situation infinitely, or breaking free from it with Frank.

She is frightened when the realization of her boarding the ship would mean taking a new step in her life. 5. Societal and familial pressure surges from Eveline. As a woman, she is pressed to live the life of a domestic care-taker and nanny with her “abusive” father. She is threatened by the repetition of her mother’s life as well as the mold of a patriarchal society. 6. The actions in which Eveline take at the end of the story illustrates a woman who is infinitely trapped in an orbit of repetition to the point where she is dehumanized into that of a “helpless animal”.

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