Eveline by James Joyce

4 April 2015
A review of the short story “Eveline” by James Joyce depicting the trials and tribulations typical to the lower class in early 19th century Dublin.

This paper describes the lead character of the story, Eveline. It illustrates her as a girl who is in search of a better life and wants to escape from the typical problems of the lower class. The theme of the story is based on the hopes and dreams of Eveline and her efforts to improve her lifestyle.
“In the beginning of the story, the author portrays the scene in a very interesting style “She sat at the window watching the evening invade the avenue. Her head was leaned against the window curtains, and in her nostrils was the odor of dusty cretonne.” By saying that the girl is watching outside the window and that she is tired, gives the impression to the reader that she is not satisfied with her current lifestyle and that she wants to escape from it.

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Such impressions can also be found in other similar stories written by Joyce. As the scene portrayed by the author is of a dark evening and the surrounding atmosphere is described as dull, it gives the impression of depressing and hostile environment throughout the story.”

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