Eveline: Comparison and Contrast

6 June 2017

Writing The Comparison/contrast Paper Life carries with It many obstacles and with those obstacles, opportunities to grow. For some of us it could be getting married and leaving your old life behind, and for others it could be starting life anew and abandoning everyone from the past. These moments, these decisions, shape a person for the rest of their life. In the writings of James Jockey’s “Feline,” and William Faulkner “Barn Burning,” growth is probably the central theme of both stories. I would like to suggest a few points that think may illustrate this point.

James Jockey’s “Feline” depicts a story about a girl named Feline trying to find her true self. Feline grew up rather normally. Playing In the streets with the neighbors, a father who wasn’t always the most pleasant to be around and a mother who loved her dearly. From a very young age Feline was doing most of the chores around the house. She even had a Job to bring in a little money for the family. At times Feline was very scared for her life because of her father. He wasn’t the happiest guy and he was very scary.

Now as an adult, Feline finds herself In a bind between living with her lover Harry, or keeping the promise she made to her mother after she passed away that she would hold the fort down. In the end she decides to leave Harry, her lover, and return home where even though it was not always easy, it was still her home. Although it’s true that her decision to leave Harry and return home is an entry into adulthood, believe the very fact that she put her life on the line like that In the first place is a real entry Into adulthood.

When one Is young, they only want to enjoy life, they are not interested In finding who they are, but Feline found out who she was with no regrets and only her future ahead of her. William Faulkner “Barn Burning” is about a boy named Colonel Sartorial Snoops who grows into a young adult through certain occurrences in his life and the critical decisions he makes. The beginning of the story sets the scene of a young boy sitting on a keg in the back of the court house where his father was being accused of burning down some ones barn.

However the only thing on young Sartorial mind was the smell of cheese and canned meat he so much desired. Suddenly Mr.. Harris, whose barn was burnt down, calls up sartor to the stand, and even calls him a boy and young for his age. As Sartorial was walking to the front, his mind was racing, should he lie for his pops or not. And that I believe was his first step into adulthood. Obviously, at the very end of the story, where Sartorial runs to the barn to save the guy and his barn from getting burnt down, but this rite here I believe is where he really started to connect tit himself.

Both stories are about young kids who grew up with a dulcet life and enter Into adulthood In scalar ways. Although Feline decides to stay with her father who she felt scared of at times, she made the mature decision to stay with her father and keep the promise she made to her mother. Sartor also ended up making one of the biggest decisions of his life by being honest and not being true to his family. Both stories show that it wasn’t only the major decisions they made which changed their lives for good which brought them into adulthood.

It’s the very essence of decision making that one grows from by choosing the side that most fits their true character. From the decisions they made on their own and brought them into adulthood. It’s true that the big decision Feline made by not running away with Harry and staying with her dad at home, or Sartorial running to De Spain’s house to save his barn are life changing moments that made them into adults. However, the fact that they had the tough decision to make and end up making it themselves, opens the door to a whole new world called adulthood.

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