Eveline’s Conflict

4 April 2015
A study of the conflicts faced by Eveline, the main character in James Joyce’s `Dubliners`.

An essay which examines the internal conflict that paralyzes the female protagonist, Eveline, in the novel `Dubliners` by James Joyce, as she stands upon the event horizon of a new life, and a new set of possibilities. It shows that at this particular moment in her life, Eveline finds herself at a crossroads, considering whether or not she should leave her home and her abusive, alcoholic father in order to travel to a far away and exotic land to begin a new life, full of promise and hope.
`In the end, these dramatic feelings and impulses were not suggestive of Eveline`;s resolve to change her life, but instead, they were evidence of her desperate inward struggle to convince herself that she could be someone else. She was fighting for her life at that very moment, more passionately than she had ever fought before.

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But, as we have seen, she was struggling against the oppressive weight of her memories, her social responsibility, and her own self definition, all of which would work against her and work to sabotage any attempt she might make to seek happiness, a new life, and ultimately salvation.”

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