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8 August 2016

As part of our strategic plan to create an event planning business store front and market our service based on our past experiences, this project is expected to be the vehicle to allow expansion and encompass a larger market. State of the art equipment and planning will assist in our increasing reputation and productivity and attaining a renowned presence in the industry. Project Product Completed acquisition of retail store front and design with construction of a production in the budgeted amount of $250,000. Procured and installed equipment and raw materials to drive an increase in production and sales.

Recruitment and training of staff will ensure the ability to reach marketing, production and sales goals. Procured fleet of delivery trucks to ensure distribution and expansion in a budgeted amount of $110,000. Project Deliverables Completed the procurement of the Architect, Real Estate Consultant and General Contractor to assist with the selection of purchasing property in best strategic location. Acquired Building Site, Permits, and Appropriate Approvals which allowed the project to begin and be completed on schedule.

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Completed recruitment of employees and ensures proper training of personnel. Equipment and Raw Material were purchased utilized and installed per Production and Distribution plan. Start Up of Production and Distribution on schedule with a 15% increase over the next 5 years. Project Objectives In the 11 month allotted time set by the stake-holders, the property has been purchased designed completed and strategically located in the allocated budget of $600,000. Specified recruitment and training for employees was properly competed.

Proper training of personnel was met during the time frame allotted. State of the art equipment and trucks were purchased, utilized/installed per Production and Distribution plan. Proper training was provided to the staff to utilize this equipment and to ensure that Start Up of Production and Distribution was on schedule and we will achieve a 3% yearly increase in business to achieve a 15% increase over the next 5 years. APPROVALS Type Name Signature Date Project Manager Approval: Teresa 1-19-14 Owner/Sponsor Approval: Teresa & Timothy 1-19-14 Executive Summary

A Moment In Time, is and event planning business new to the community of Gibsonia Pennsylvania. Our combination of old fashioned values and going the above and beyond the clients expectations combined with the use of state of the art cutting edge event-planning software, will lead the market in providing quality results and a momentous event every time. A Moment In Time is an equal opportunity business which allows its expertise, products and services, and availability to assist its customers plan an event that will provide an exquisite remembrance of A Moment In Time.

Event Packages (complete event packages for any event), will make planning or hosting a party a simple achievable experience. Allow A Moment In Time to take the worry from your shoulders so you can enjoy every moment of your event. Stare of the art event planning software allows and interactive and simple view to event planning. These and as well as additional affordable products and services, will allow A Moment In Time to be the number one choice for all your events. Objectives A Moment In Time is a small business striving to reach premier goals of quality, sophistication and comfort to every event.

A Moment In Time will focus on its mission. It will encompass its employees, owners, vendors and clients in the daily reassurance that its vision is represented in every event. The vision manifests itself in three ways: 1. Achievement in being one of the top three event planning specialists in the North Eastern United States. 2. Produce quality results, and classic sophistication at every event. 3. Equal and Fair compensation to those invested in A Moment In Time. Mission Success is determined by quality, determination, prioritization and good choices for lasting effects.

Communication is an essential aspect of the success factor. A Moment In Time strives to achieve the standing as the best choice of clients by working to prevent stress and burden in the process of planning an event. Consistent, professional, classic sophistication and a detail oriented work will provide an unworried occasion that will be remembered forever for a reasonable price. A Moment In Time will make every effort to provide a professional, clean and safe working environment to its employees and vendors, as well as honestly compensating them for their services.

The vision and mission of A Moment In Time is that with the competitive market and technology A Moment In Time will strive to utilize latest technology and trends and ensure its clients are provided with the specialized attention they deserve. Keys to Success Keys for success include the commitment to quality by all employees and vendors. A Moment In Time’s staff will be responsible to themselves to achieve the highest possible level of professionalism in following areas: 1. Professional, consistent and precise fulfillment of our client’s wishes.

Price competitive and quality of services. 3. Profit made on every planned event. Company Summary A Moment In Time is a small business created in order to meet the requirements of a society which is continuously changing. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania is the current location with the intention to expand to a second location within five years. A Moment In Time’s staff of two full time employees and one part time employee as well as numerous contracted vendors, creates events and composes marketing and advertising for event-planning products.

A Moment In Time is invested in the success and growth of the community in which it resides in. A Moment In Time is the correct choice to the demand of the events in a social world, that place stress and burden on working families, professionals, inundated offices, out-of-town business or an ideal moment which needs to be recognized as the special occasion it is. We identify with what our clients are require and understand the need to provide a time for the important and special events in life. A Moment In Time endeavors to accomplish each of these goals.

Company Ownership A Moment In Time is a sole proprietorship with the purpose of providing A Moment In Time and selling a business to clients invested in the vision of event planning. All phases of the business will be documented through policies and procedures to ensure clients can depend on identical superior outcomes every time. It is these policies and procedures that will become the basis of ownership. The sole proprietor will use his or her name as the guarantor of each service shall embody the mission and vision of policies and A Moment In Time. Start-up Summary

Precise planning from the proprietor, the start-up costs for A Moment In Time have been kept at a minimal. This business began as a home-based business that consisted of minimal amount of overhead, and continues to mandate a fewer portion of funds as for a service-based business. The investment funds were assets provided from earning that were acquired during the home based phase of A Moment In Time’s start up. This was done as a part time business until the ability to establish a vehicle to deliver its goods and services at a full scale full time level.

It is the wish of the proprietors to continue this endeavor as a debt-free enterprise. Recognizing that in actuality not all situations are controllable, outside financing is a practical and feasible option. The proprietor own property and has a impeccable credit rating. Marketing and Competition The client base for A Moment In Time is for the most part middle to upper-middle class individuals, couples, families, public and private businesses. It is our intention to research and review the needs of the markets we mentioned and focus on the wants and needs required to provide a superior services to them.

We guarantee to provide the superior and original results for each event. When marketing to our target market, assuring them a complete and competent way to free their time for their normal work and family commitments, and the guarantee of a worry-free event are the niche we will use as our marketing concept. Marketing of our service and goods are primarily by word of mouth and visual connection to the events our current clients have hired us for, and our staff and vendors have participated in or worked at.

During our marketing campaign to public or private businesses, the prospect of greater competence, efficiency and quality for the money and a professional event are crucial to sell our concept. Businesses rather not deal with issues that come about due to oversight on their part and the guarantee of a hassle free, error-free event that they do not need to be burdened by is a possibility at an affordable cost. This is a benefit that they cannot deny to be the best possible choice. Organizational Structure The management team at A Moment In Time will consist of a team of two during the startup phase of the business.

The main employees are the founder/proprietor, who plans events and contracts with caterers, decorators, disc jockeys, and bands to fill out the event. A site manager will be on hand to work the events and be the liaison and vendor coordinator. Thus, there are two main employees with various levels of vendors. The part time employees will assist with the labor and set up on the days of the events as well as manning the store front during the events to free up the principle workers to focus on the events taking place.

When A Moment In Time reaches its goal and is able to expand each office will have one or two event planners, an administrative assistant, two site managers for the events, and a product and marketing specialist. The team will work as a cohesive unit with communication through staff meetings every week, email, and instant messaging. Each job is dependent and interrelated. Everyone’s performance is dependent and resulting on the performance of the others. Every team member is expected to perform at their top level and expects the best from each other.

Currently no gaps in management of the business are visible. Should A Moment In Time prosper beyond the size which has been estimated, additional positions will be evaluated and added. A Moment In Time will provide a detailed search for employees that are hardworking, detail-oriented, energetic, people who want the opportunity to grow and improve with our organization. A Moment In Time will strive to the best and will hire those who are same minded and want to succeed.

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