Everlast – Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

1 January 2020

After six years with House of Pain,Everlast put out this first album, “Whitey Ford Sings theBlues.” This CD is a unique combination of alternative(like Sublime) and rap (similar to that of Eminem), exceptEverlast has more diversity in his music. Don’tlet the title fool you, there are plenty of songs withenergetic, good moods. For example, the hit single, “WhatIt’s Like,” tells more than one story about sad issues,is alternative and has a slow beat, while “FunkyBeat” is about nothing in particular, is rap andfast. For anyone who likes rap and alternative,Everlast is perfect. Everlast will not bore you with the sameold songs about the same old things. You will remember hissongs for a long time. I recommend this CD to anyone who likesEminem, Sublime or wants a little variety in theirmusic. Without a doubt this is a great CD, but it doescontain strong language and a parental advisory for explicitcontent. If you are mature enough, and can get beyond thelanguage and really listen to the music, this CD is worthbuying.

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