Every Man Has His Price

8 August 2016

The history of this idiom goes back to XVIII century, but it hasn’t lost its actuality up till present times. The meaning of the saying is very simple – it shows that every person can be bribed in some way; the only thing the briber should know is his “victim’s” price. In our modern materialistic society we can come across such problem very often. Everywhere we go, the service and the attitude of the people around us depend greatly on our social status and the amount of money we are ready to give away.

It is very unpleasant to admit that almost every person can be persuaded to do what we need if we can offer them something in return. Nowadays people are more concerned about material goods and tend to pay less attention to spiritual values – friendship, love, mutual aid and disinterestedness. We should not forget another popular saying: “Treat other people in the way you want to be treated by them”. People should not give up their moral principles in order to achieve material prosperity.

Every Man Has His Price Essay Example

They should not view others as wallets with money, but be polite, helpful and understanding in spite of our prosperity. Our ancestors would rather die than betray their country, fellows or faith, no matter what they had been offered instead. We should take this example as the impulse to some changes in our outlook and way of life. And we should never enhance our own reputation but do priceless things for free. There are so many different proverbs and sayings about money that we can draw a conclusion that money plays a great role in every person’s life and society as a whole.

Nevertheless, most people nowadays don’t know how to use money in the right way: they either waste them on unnecessary posh things or save them up so scrupulously that forget to spend them. I understand the meaning of this proverb in the following way: if a person has some money, they have an opportunity to widen their outlook by travelling, studying and getting the access to some new information. A person should not degrade and buy every possible gadget for fun, because technological inventions can be very helpful in self-improvement and self-education.

If you can spend some money on study – do it. Buy books, watch educational programs, search for something new on the Internet, or enter the higher educational establishment. Money spent on studying will always be returned to you. If you are a smart, well-educated person, you will always be respected in any company. It is very easy to waste money, but it can bring you only a short-term satisfaction. However, if you spend money on yourself and your self-improvement, it will be a very clever and farsighted investment.

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