Everything Is Temporary by Between You & Me

7 July 2019

Between You & Me is one of the newest bands to hit the new burgeoning pop-punk scene. After an EP release and a few singles, the Melbourne, Australia-based five piece finally has delivered their debut full-length release, Everything is Temporary. Unfortunately, aside from the two singles released so far, this album does little to get me excited or keep my attention.

“Dakota” is the lead single off Everything is Temporary. This song is catchy, fun, and reminiscent of the early 2000’s era of pop-punk. The lyrics may be too juvenile for some, but that’s what pop-punk is all about and I don’t fault the song for that. After “Dakota” was released, I had very high hopes for this album. The song gave off some State Champs vibes, so I was expecting an album similar to Living Proof (read my review here). Sadly, Everything is Temporary does not live up to the high expectations that I had.

Nothing on Everything is Temporary fully lives up to “Dakota.” I want to stress that none of the songs on this record are bad, they just don’t stand out or impress me in any way. Even on my third or fourth full listen-through of the album, I could hardly recite any lyrics. They all sort of blend together.

One of the only other songs on Everything is Temporary that really intrigued me at all, was the second single, “Friends from ’96.” This song prominently features an acoustic guitar, which is a nice reprieve from the constant power chords found on this album. But apart from standing out among the pack, “Friends from ‘96” is just an okay song for me. I didn’t find it particularly catchy or exciting.

Everything is Temporary is not a bad album. “Dakota” is an excellent song and “Friends from ‘96” is unique, but everything else blends together and doesn’t intrigue me in any way. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself ever revisiting Everything is Temporary anytime soon. Still, I look forward to new music coming from Between You & Me, as I know that these guys have a lot of potential.

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