Everytime You Lie by Demi Lovato

“I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face, and a long list of gentlemen happy to take your place…”

That’s one of my favorite lines of the best breakup songs out there for teen girls. “Everytime You Lie” starts off with a catchy piano tune and then the beat of drums following. Demi Lovato starts it off by telling a story almost, of how she broke up with her boyfriend, and how he still likes his ex. Demi has a beautiful voice, and she makes this song sound great.

This song relates to what I went through a little bit. In the song, Demi talks about how she won’t break down because of the guy breaking up with her, and him liking someone else. She sings about how she basically doesn’t care, and she’s moving on. She knows she will have other guys on her side, so why should she be heartbroken? I was kind of feeling the same way, and I kept listening to this song because it’s awesome and it’s great if you want to get over someone. It shows how strong s girl can be, even though someone she really liked might have broken up with them.

After listening to this song, think about how strong you can be even if something bad did happen. Remember, that person isn’t really worth the time all of it was taking anyway.

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