Evidance Based Practice

8 August 2016

What resources would you access to help you determine this risk? There are several different models available for evidence based practice research. The models that are most common and are most frequently utilized are the conduct and utilization of research in nursing (CURN) project, the Stetler model, the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation, and the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice to promote Quality Care. The most frequently used model for EBP is the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation.

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This model provides a framework for the transition through the five stages of discovery of evidence which are 1) Evidence 2) Evidence summary 3) Translation 4) Integration and 5) Evaluation. I would utilize the ACE star Model of Knowledge Transformation to conduct the research needed to determine if the wine would be harmful for the patient to drink with dinner while taking her chemotherapy medications. How would you evaluate the strength and validity of what you find? There are 8 levels of research that would help to evaluate the strength and validity of my research.

They are I) Evidence from systematic review or meta-analysis of all relevant randomized controlled trials (RCTs) II) Evidence obtained from at least one will-designed RCT III) Evidence obtained from well-designed controlled trials without randomization IV) Evidence from well-designed case-control and cohort studies V) Evidence from systematic reviews of descriptive or qualitative study VI) Evidence from a single descriptive or qualitative study and VII)Evidence from the opinions of authorities and/or reports of expert committees.

Of these eight levels the most strongest level of evidence is level I. I would use level I meta-analysis to help me evaluate the strength and validity of the research I have found. The reason I would use this level is because it is based on a specific topic and there is a large database that gets updated weekly called the National guideline Clearinghouse that offers its process of evaluation with complete citations for reference. Visitors are also allowed to use this database to conduct comparative analysis of guidelines on similar topics.

What sources of evidence would help me make this decision? I think that the PICO-based approach would help me make this decision. It enables me to formulate a question that compares the risks with the outcome. While the ACE model gives me a foundation to stand on and the meta-analysis helps to find validity in the research. The PICO helps to make the ultimate best decision for my patient while keeping in mind her desires and comparing them to the facts that were found.

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