Evil Empire

12 December 2019

There’s only one word to describe this up-tempo, hip-hoppin’ release from the young group of anti-conformists known as Rage Against The Machine: wow. The second I popped in this disk and hit play, I was blown away by the screeching guitars and bumpin’ lyrics that have become a trademark of this gang from the beginning. The first track, “People of the Sun,” which tells of the hardships faced by Mexicans today, gets the whole thing started with a fast-paced beat, courtesy of drummer Brad Wilk, and bassist Tim Bob, along with amazing guitar playing from Tom Morello and the talented vocals of Zack De La Rocha. One of this release’s best features is the unexpected twists and turns between the song’s intro and the actual body. Some of the songs start off with a slow rock rhythm, but quickly turn into the familiar sounds of Rage. Although there are familiar sounds on this disk, R.A.T.M. explores many new sounds with the use of synthesizers and making the guitar sing wildly by playing it with a wrench. The first single on this CD, and my favorite, “Bulls on Parade,” could be considered the flagship with its right combination of lyrics and melody that causes you to beat uncontrollably and put thoughts of RAGE into your head. “Evil Empire” from Rage Against The Machine definitely has the potential to become one of this young group’s best sellers yet

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