Evolution by Blood on the Dance Floor

10 October 2019

To start off, Blood on the Dance Floor is a band in which you must have a certain taste in music, and if you don’t like them, please don’t hate on them. There are two main members, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. In the past, their music was mainly about sex and drugs. There were a few songs that had another meaning behind them but songs such as Ima Monster or Innocent high are NOT for immature people. In Evolution, their music had evolved (like Pichu to Pikachu, yay Pokemon) from sex to telling haters f*** off.

The first song is Rise and Shine, which, in my opinion, the lyrics mean the haters wont stop but they’ll keep going. When you compare this song to, i dunno, Mosh and Roll maybe, you will hear how different just Dahvie sounds. His voice alone has matured, which helped make his music sound more mature. Jayys singing and screaming sounded slightly more mature as well, but he already had a deep voice.

Evolution by Blood on the Dance Floor Essay Example

Track 4, Frankenstein and the Bride, may be the best song they have ever recorded. Its about this gorgeous, beautiful woman who falls in love with the Frankenstein man. Its beautiful because it shows not every pretty girl is mean and that, sometimes, a boy doesn’t have to be the best looking to have the hugest heart. Frankenstein is “made of spare parts, a madman’s brain and a loving mans heart.” That may be the prettiest lyric in the whole song, but if you’re talking about ANY thing said, it would be the introduction into the song.

Unforgiven is about when someone cheats on you and they become one of the unforgiven. In this song, Jayy raps quite a bit. It starts off with him and a little before halfway Dahvie comes in and does his pretty, melt-your-heart singing and this song comes all together. I would totally recommended watching the video the first time you listen to this song because it tells such a story.

Altogether this album is for more mature audiences because even though the meaning is there, the words they use aren’t the most kid friendly. Plus a few of the songs are somewhat like their older ones from 2007 and so on. I really hope you go listen and/or buy this album. It really is meaningful, and the regular edition has 13 songs and i apologise i don’t know exactly how many songs the deluxe edition has, but its somewhere around 16. Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed.

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