Examine the concept of Tahwid in Islam Tahwid is the oneness or unity of God; It is the concept of monotheism In Islam. This is expressed as there Is no God but Allah. ” Tahwid Implies a strict social and moral structure based on the belief In the Qur’an as Gods final words and shows strict monotheism In Islam, an example of this Is Salah, this means prayer. As a Muslim you’re expected to disturb your routine 5 times a day to pray to Allah, doing this will help making your belief in Allah pure.

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Also, a Muslim is expected to follow a modest conduct, this eans not being arrogant to others, boasting about what you have and others may not have, for example money. And you shouldn’t bring attention upon yourself as all attention should be on God. The belief in Tahwid forms the central part of Shahadah, the first pillar says there is no God but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God. ” This is important because Muslims should go on to follow this saying/belief all their lives because as a Muslim you would hear this as the first thing and the last thing in your life, this means that you are brought up to only believe in ne God, Allah.

To go against this would be seen as sinful. Tahwid stresses the absolute unity of God. This means the rejection of the Idea of any other Gods or spirits; you have to be pure In your belief In God though-out your life If you want to have a happy afterlife In Heaven. Submission to God can be seen in the condemnation of Jahilliyah. Jahilliyah means the age of ignorance”, the pre-lslamic Meccans were very ignorant to God. They believe in individuality and they mostly believed in more than one God and spirits.

This is selfish because they only prayed to God when they wanted something to benefit them, asking what God can do for them. Muhammad went to pre-lslamic Mecca to proclaim the message which had been given to him by an angel. Hesaid such things as Woe to he who amasses wealth” and as for the orphan, oppress not; as for the beggar refuse not. ” These two messages are warning the Meccans about their lack of charity, trying to change them from their ways to become better people.

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One way theMeccans decided to follow this message is by not worshipping Idols. In the Mosque now, you will not find any Icons or Images of God, only representatives of Gods nature through patterns. Belief In Tahwld highlights God’s omnipotence. In Islam the power of God is seen through monotheism. This is the existence of one God or the oneness in God. The Qur’an teaches that your God isn’t the Trinity. ” This means that God is pure and omnipotent, and that he is superior to humans.

The fact that God is pure means that he is alone and created the universe so he should be worshipped and loved by all humans. A quote which supports this is God is the highest in the hierarchy of creation. ” Because of the belief in Tahwid, Muslims act as servants of God. This is seen in practice of Islam through Ibadah, this means that your whole life is an act of worship of God so you can get a good Judgement on Judgement day, and will have a happy afterlife. Another sin Muslims should avoid when bellevlng In Tahwid is Shirk, this Is associating anything else with God.

An example of this Is anthropomorphism; this Is iving God human qualltles, which of course a religious person should never do as God is superior and higher than humans, so he cannot have the same qualities as us. Also, tnls Is wny you wlll never Tina any Images or Icons In tne Mosque, as we will never know what Allah looks like so we cannot give him human qualities. Another example of Shirk is animism which was seen a lot in pre-lslamic Mecca. Animism is the worship of spirits in natural objects, this isn’t showing purity and oneness in God as a Muslim you should only believe in one God, not other spirits.

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