Example of an Ice Breaker Speech

1 January 2017

Yesterday when I opened my fridge I saw a big slab of ice in the freezer which I found unusual and went about picking my ice cream . Today morning my sister proudly brought a small sharp spike and said, hey Anushka take this. I said for what? And she said you remember, you told me about your role as ice breaker. I brought a slab of ice and here is an item which will help you to break the ice. I found it very funny and explained about the YLP and what breaking the ice really meant.

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Example of an Ice Breaker Speech
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Good Evening Ma’am, Toastmaster of the Day and all my fellow toastmasters…and wish I had some dramatic things to say like I was born in an airplane, ship, or in spaceship on its way to the moon . My family is interesting with a hyper younger sister, , dramatic mom and adventurous dad, They have an IT temperament and feel everything can be structured and here I am believing that world is an imperfect place and fun must be part of everyday life.

At the age of 3, I joined the Happy Home Nursery where I won my first certificate for securing the third place in a running race. The next year, I was put into the Indian High School where I have been studying there ever since. Now, I am in Grade 9. When I was 7 years old, I expressed my interest to play the keyboard to my parents who enrolled me at Melody Makers where have been learning since then. I am currently in Grade 5 and am preparing myself to take the Trinity Guildhall Exam in May, after which I will move on to grade 6, two more grades before I graduate.

In line with this, I am passionate about music and play the keyboard rather well that’s what my friends and family say. So the iPod, mobile Mp3’s are my companions which are disliked by my parents. I am an avid reader wanting to read lots more in addition to the books that I have already read like The Da Vinci Code, Pride and Prejudice, the Lost Symbol, Percy Jackson series and so on. I play tennis and have imbibed the habit of collecting coins and stamps of many countries.

Moving on and alongside the activities mentioned above, I aspire to pursue Medicine as my chosen career which alongside being a great profession will help me to be part of the well being of mankind. I am keen serve the society and also do research for discovering path breaking methods to alleviate the sufferings. I have a strong comment to make on homework given, while homework itself is a good idea to build on the work done in class, I feel home work should not be repetitive of what is done in class and either be developed to enhance on what we have learnt in class or should e eliminated as learning in class and follow on studies is good enough.

Being teenagers there is so much more to do than do mundane repetitive activities. So here I am well rounded up in thoughts by aspiring to reach the stars and would like to close with a quote said by Lillian Dickson, “Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once” Thank You

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