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7 July 2016

Fastlane fastfood is known for its efficiency in serving their costumers because their employees are young people with ages 18-26 years old. In one of its branch a certain supervisor is only 21 years, while the manager ages 22 years, one of the service crews is 21 years old and the cook is 20 years. With their youthfulness, they can offer its services faster and can comply with the required cooking style their company has set. And of course this Fastlane is equipped with technologies in their work area. Despite the company’s growth, Fastlane has received many criticisms for not hiring employees more than 26 years old.

Fastlane Company will increase its employee age requirement up to 35 years old. By doing such the company will help the employee in establishing a length of service that is necessary in employees benefits like the setting up of payments in insurance premiums. It is part of the company’s role in providing and administering employee benefits. By increasing the age requirement, they can reduce their training expenses to their employees.

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Also, maturity comes from years of life and work experience and makes for workers who get less “rattled” when problems occur. And its disadvantage is maybe the lack of youthfulness on their employees. 2. The company will retain the 18-26 years old employee requirement. Their employees are having “spark”. Employees have a combination of enthusiasm, energy, and intelligence that make for a fantastic employee — someone who is engaging and able to get things done.

Fastlane Company will increase its age requirement up to 35 years old. This option can release them from being criticized because in this way they are more concern for the welfare of their employees. Fastlane then can be a business with a dependable, steady workforce that has no plans to move up and out. A workforce dedicated to the job at hand and that takes pride in its work and who will cost the company less to hire, train and maintain. Their employees are capable of mentoring, leading, and coaching. Matured employees have enhanced customer service and customer identification and they will have more experienced in problem-solving and decision-making, and they tend to stay calm under pressure.

Fastlane will adopt a scheme under their Human Resource Development Department in accepting employees with higher age or in their a Business process Outsourcing (BPO) Company they will change the employees age range from 18 to 35 years old. 2. In maintaining youthfulness of the employees the company will emphasize the personality development in enhancement of adding style and grace to the way one looks, talks and walks and overall imbibing oneself with liveliness.

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